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Episode 110

Graphic designed by Brett Anderson

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald stick to their weekly routine with a comprehensive breakdown of the Minnesota Vikings’ Week 3 opponent — Jameis Winston, Lavonte David and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also included are segments discussing the matchup history between Minnesota and Tampa Bay as well as a little brief analysis of other goings on in the NFL.

Episode 110 is proudly sponsored by BlackStack Brewing and The Twin Cities Directory.


  1. Into: The Agenda (0:00)
  2. Sponsor Note: BlackStack Brewing & The Twin Cities Directory (2:00)
  3. Matchup History: TOUCHDOWN BARR AND THE VIKINGS WIN IT!(2:32)
  4. Bucs Preview: Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, Desean Jackson and Plenty More (10:30)
  5. Bucs Preview: Elite-caliber Player at Each Level (29:35)
  6. Friday Frenzy: Props to Steve Sarkisian and Belief in the Rams (46:45)
  7. Week 3 Picks: Drew is 0-1 during Week 3 thus far (51:38)
  8. Twitter Takes: More Dangerous — Desean Jackson or OJ Howard? (1:04:03)
  9. Sign-Out: Vikings Viewing Party September 9th at BlackStack Brewing (1:10:08)

A look around the web at how the Vikings coaching staff, and certain prospects, are faring in Mobile during the Senior Bowl practices that took place on Wednesday:

  • Some of the best prospects on defense appear like they could be coming from Texas if these practices are an accurate indication.
  • Mike Singletary got very involved with the linebackers on Wednesday.  Outside linebacker Lavonte David has had a great week and could be a consideration in the second round.  Boise State outside linebacker Shea McClellin drew a lot of praise from Singletary on Wednesday, and could also be a consideration in the second or third round.
  • Offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz out of California is showing some athleticism to go with his big frame.  For those of you particularly interested in seeing the O-line improve, Schwartz could be a prospect to keep an eye on as the Draft approaches.
  • Leslie Frazier gave some insight as to what exactly he is looking at during these Senior Bowl practices.  “Say a guy makes a mistake,” Frazier said. “You get a chance to challenge him on that mistake and then see how he responds. You want to see if he’s going to sulk, if he’s going to blame someone else or is he going to be a guy who says, ‘You know what. I’m going to work to fix that. I want to get that right.’”
  • The Vikings are expected to have interviewed over 100 prospects in Mobile this year.  Offensive tackle Mike Adams is having to answer tough questions about the Ohio State jerseys-for-tattoos scandal while former Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins is answering for his multiple arrests and being kicked off the team.
  • The Vikings coaches are making an impression.  Defensive backs coach Joe Woods drew a huge crowd as he barked out orders.  Leslie Frazier has really made an impression on Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard.   “The Minnesota coaches are real,” said Dennard. “Coach Frazier put a lot of fire in our eyes. I like the way he talks. He let us know this was a big step and that we need to go hard every play all day long to stand out.”
  • “You have to be careful because you’re trying to measure, ‘Can they translate this to the next level where the best of the best are playing?’ ” Frazier said of this extra scouting experience. “That’s one of the reasons sometimes the wide receiver position is misgraded.”

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