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Stefon Diggs a #1 receiver
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Recently in the Vikings Territory writers room, the topic of Stefon Diggs came up, and to my surprise, a healthy chunk of the staff was not sold on him as a legitimate #1 wide receiver. Pardon? The hands, the speed, the razor sharp route running? The ability to chase down blatant overthrows? I’m firmly of the opinion that Diggs has everything you want in a #1 wideout, so the only option here was to throw the challenge flag and dust off the ol’ coin toss.

Adam explained how the coin toss works in this post from a few weeks ago, but basically it’s an argument between two VT writers. Simple enough. The prolific Austin Belisle volunteered to be the voice of the dissenters, and argue Diggs is NOT a #1 receiver. Here we go!

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The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are limping into Thursday’s showdown with the 10-2 Arizona Cardinals in a game that most Purple supporters are dreading. After the 38-7 dismantling at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, even the most fervent Purple Kool-Aid drinkers are anticipating an ass kicking on Thursday and us falling to 8-5. It’s possible. It’s also possible the Vikings blow the Cardinals out by thirty because football is stoopid.

Di Murphy (@DiMurphyMN) of The Daily Norseman makes her weekly appearance to vent about the Seahawks game, complain that we have no healthy safeties left, talk about how Teddy Bridgewater is being shafted and if the Vikings truly have to worry about missing the playoffs.

All that and other “I’m Glenn” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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Austin: Week 14 | Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals
In their only Thursday Night Football game of the year, the Vikings will travel to Arizona just four days after hosting the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Both games are likely to be physical battles, and it will be difficult for the team to turn around and win a game against the Cardinals on the road. I think the Vikings have the talent, and defensive line, to compete with the high-powered Cardinals offense, and this game will be a true test of their mental and physical stamina. Norv Turner can negate the Cardinals’ double A-Gap blitzes with a mix of quick passes and draws, while Mike Zimmer’s crop of cornerbacks will have their hands full with John Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, and Michael Floyd. I expect a low-scoring, defensive battle this late into the season, and we’ll find out if Zimmer’s unit can keep fighting just one week after a tough matchup with the Seahawks.

Carl: Week 11 | Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
The biggest rivalry game on the schedule also represents the biggest challenge this season for the upstart Minnesota Vikings. The Packers have won nine of the last 11 meetings, and 58 of the 109 overall contests since the two teams first played in 1961. The Vikings will have nine games under their belt this season when they face the four-time defending NFC North Division Champs at TCF Bank Stadium on Week 11. I’m confident the Vikings will have a 3-0 divisional record heading into this all-important statement game. The Vikings appear to be on the verge of becoming a very good football team… just how good will certainly be answered when the Cheese Heads come to town.

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I’ll be honest, I was never sold on Mike Wallace on a number one wide out worth paying over $50 million.  I especially didn’t think it made sense for the Minnesota Vikings who will reportedly play two of their next three seasons outdoors.

I know that Wallace did well playing outdoors in Pittsburgh, but Pennsylvania’s winters are a far cry from what one will see in Minnesota, and the Vikings need to invest in their vertical game, but I don’t think investing that much into one player would have been wise.

News broke almost immediately, however, that Wallace signed with Miami which was the expectation all along.

As a result, the Vikings are being rumored to be chasing every wide out in the world, other than Percy Harvin, of course.  From Larry Fitzgerald to Victor Cruz to Sidney Rice to Danny Amendola to… well, the list goes on and on.

We’ll keep you updated when things grow legs longer than just a Twitter rumor.  I’m here with you all night.

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