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    Good evening, Skoldiers. Are you ready for some football?

    The 2015 offseason for the Minnesota Vikings has been one of great excitement which has led us to this moment… opening night on Monday Night Football with expectations so high Roger Goodell wants to suspend Jerome Simpson again.

    Adrian Peterson is back! Teddy is under center! Trae Waynes, Eric Kendricks, and T.J. Clemmings will surely get in on their first meaningful NFL action. Norv! Zimmer!

    If there is one major concern coming out of the preseason it is certainly our offensive line’s ability to be resilient, but I’m not wanting to go all Captain Buzzkill at this particular moment. Kick back, let your boss know you’ll be two hours late tomorrow morning, pour yourself whatever beverage you prefer, and enjoy the game!

    The Vikings Territory staff has provided their pre-game predictions after the jump, don’t forget to join us on Draft Kings next week to try and take our money, and prepare to fill the comments section with comments of awe and glee!

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    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are a mere 5 days away from trekking to the Land of Hippies & Silicon to begin the 2015 season, which will also hopefully end in the Land of Hippies & Silicon. Di Murphy (@DiMurphyMN) makes her weekly pit stop to talk some junk about the the 49ers, Vikings, and especially Cordarrelle. Leslie Frazier gets a random diss as well.

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    All that and other “Gabbert-Watt-Ponder Sandwich” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

    An Andy Carlson Joint.

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    Fans of the Minnesota Vikings collectively wondered “What are they thinking?” when the San Francisco 49ers signed Jerome Simpson to a two year deal on Thursday. The best theory I saw was that the increased attention being paid to defensive pass interference could make him incredibly valuable.

    Still, the signing was a curious one considering his multiple transgressions in Cincinatti and Minnesota, especially with Niners CEO Jed York vowing all offseason long that he would be instituting a new “win with class” mission in San Francisco.

    The team has been ran through the wringer over their many off-field problems and York has been quoted as saying he is the person ultimately responsible for making the necessary changes.

    So, what was his response when asked about the signing of Simpson?

    “You have to ask Trent,” York told The Chronicle.

    “I don’t know what the thinking was.”

    On December 26, 2012, Chase Ford was signed by the Vikings to join the practice squad. The 6-foot-6 255 pound tight end from the University of Miami was originally a 2012 undrafted free agent by the Philadelphia Eagles.

    With only 16 total receptions in his junior and senior seasons at Miami, Chase was a bit of an unknown prospect until he got noticed after a solid week at the East West Shrine Game. Miami’s tight ends are known for their outstanding athleticism and Chase is no exception. He is a natural pass catcher with fluid body control and good speed for a big body. Chase has huge hands, a tall frame and terrific hand and eye coordination allowing him to snag passes even in tight coverage.

    This Vikings season is just depressing.  Not only did Sunday’s tie against Green Bay and their fourth round quarterback seem completely unfulfilling, it left us scheduled for the fourth overall draft pick instead of the first.

    The failures on the field this season are disappointing and only serve to magnify the failures off the field, and in the front office, every time they become evident.  If the Vikings were three games above .500 right now, and the playoffs within reach, the arrest and subsequent release of an inconsistent reserve would barely register as mentionable.

    Instead, Monday’s news of A.J. Jefferson’s domestic assault arrest provides even more venom for frustrated fans to spit at Rick Spielman, Leslie Frazier, and the Wilf empire as a whole.  Jefferson has seldom shown us anything better than terrible since Spielman traded away a late-round 2013 pick to obtain him and the arrest made it easy for them to part ways with him.

    I’ve said before that one of the reasons I hoped Frazier would not be fired after this season was the lack of arrests and other off-field distractions plaguing the team since he took over.  Frazier had virtually had no players arrested under his watch for over a year until Jerome Simpson was tagged with a DWI last week.

    With players landing in the clink two weeks in a row, and Frazier’s on-field product looking mighty miserable, even a supportive sort of guy like me is running out of excuses for the calmest coach in the NFL.

    The Vikings needed help in the secondary before Jefferson’s release.  Now it seems all but certain we’ll see a new face on this roster before the upcoming Chicago game.

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