Friday, November 24, 2017

Hyundai Youth Football Camp

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Almost every professional athlete across the planet has a charity or mission that is near-and-dear to their hearts, and Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr is no different.

Barr arrived in Minnesota as the No. 9 overall pick back in 2014 and has since dedicated a large fraction of his time to giving back to the community that he now calls home. On Saturday July 15, Barr led two separate youth football camps at Winter Park, allowing for over 600 children ranging in age from seven to 13 to participate in a series of drills in order to improve their football skills and also engage with the two-time Pro Bowl linebacker.

“I feel like I have the possibility of being in Minnesota for awhile, so it’s important for me to get involved in this community and kind of give back,” Barr said. “I feel like they have welcomed me with open arms since I’m not from the state. With this being my home now, I think it’s important to get involved, play with the kids, meet the parents and show them that they matter to me.

“It’s been a great experience the last couple years and I hope to keep it going.”

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