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I am obsessed with fantasy football.

Seriously, it’s almost unhealthy. And the amount to which this game consumes my life seems to grow year after year after year: with each season I seem to listen to the fantasy podcasts a little sooner, generate my cheat sheets earlier, purchase increasing amounts of printed publications, and subscribe to more fantasy websites. Seriously, it’s bad. But I’m not the only one. It’s estimated that approximately 41.5 million people play fantasy sports. That’s roughly 30 million more than a decade ago. And fantasy sports continue to explode.

In recent years, daily fantasy sports have become more popular. If you’re not familiar with daily fantasy sports, it’s essentially the same thing as regular fantasy, but you are not tied to a team of players for an entire season. Every week, or every day if you’re playing multiple sports, you can assemble a new team and enter contests. This has been my new thing this year. Of course, this is in addition to regular fantasy – that’s not going anywhere.

Okay, so why the history / back story on Fantasy Sports? Fantasy Hub, a daily fantasy football start-up that uses their games as charitable fundraisers, has teamed up with our very own Greg Jennings to offer everyone a chance to play against the Vikings veteran wide receiver in fantasy football. Not only are there prizes at stake, but all proceeds are charitable and will go to The Greg Jennings Foundation which provides academic resources for our youth.

So here’s the deal: entering the contest is absolutely free, no strings attached (I just did it myself!). $2.00 is donated by Fantasy Hub to The Greg Jennings Foundation for each free entry submitted. Additional entries can be purchased (for which money will also be donated) allowing you to make more teams and increase your chances at winning.

Once you sign up, you create a team by purchasing players to add to your roster. You have a $50k “salary cap” which you can allocate to different players as you see fit. Once you fill your lineup, you’ll wait until Sunday (December 14th, to be exact) and yell at the television because Tom Brady can most certainly hear you, and will definitely consider your strongly worded recommendation to pass the ball more frequently to Rob Gronkowski.

You seriously have nothing to lose other than the couple of minutes it will take to sign up and assemble your team. What do you have to gain other than helping out a great cause, you ask? Prizes! Prizes like autographed footballs, jerseys, two tickets to the Vikings / Bears game on December 28th and a personal phone call from Greg Jennings himself.  (Being 100% realistic though, you don’t have a shot at the tickets… Those will be mine.)

So head on over to Fantasy Hub and sign up for this awesome event to let Greg Jennings and Fantasy Hub know we support their cause and that our readers are no slouches when it comes to fantasy football.

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If I had my way, each and every one of our writers would soon find themselves with high-paying writing jobs at large, reputable media outlets.  In my eyes, each of them deserve it.

Lindsey Young, whose work caught my eye well before Vikings Territory existed, certainly seems to be on the right path.

Lindsey recently wrote an article for KSTP Channel 5 that couldn’t have come at a better time, as the NFL world has been rocked by the Ray Rice scandal, and we could use a feel-good story or ten to remind us that it isn’t all bad.

Lindsey’s article is everything we’ve grown to expect from her:  Professional, insightful, and thorough.  She dives into the lives of three Minnesota Vikings and gives us some perspective as to how their profession impacts their family life.  The wives of Greg Jennings, Josh Robinson, and Zach Line were each featured.

Here is an excerpt of the article, but to read the rest you are going to have to CLICK HERE.

Football wives are much more than fans. Nicole Jennings explains how wives take the game so much more seriously than the rest of the world. In her mind, it is not about wins and losses or the number of receiving yards beside her husband’s name.

“My overall interest is in making sure he walks off that field the same way he walked on,” Nicole Jennings said. “In my eyes, nothing else matters.”

Of course, no one likes to see an injury, but most do not understand the family’s sideline perspective. NFL players hear more news every year regarding the risk of concussions, their side effects, and, most recently, the long-term consequences associated with an injury prevalent on the football field.


Well done, Lindsey, keep it up.

Vikings training camp in Mankato come to a close which means it is a great time to round up the best links across the internet:

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[NOTE FROM ADAM:  I’m all about encouraging new, young writers to take that leap of faith and put their work out there for everyone to see.  It can be an intimidating step to talk, as the internet isn’t always the nicest of places, but there is no better way to gain experience and to improve as a writer than to just do it.  Please join me in welcoming the newest Vikings voice:  Chris Serri.  Chris recently started a Twitter account for Vikings fans to interact with (@MN_VikingsFans) and we got to talking about him potentially contributing to VT.  Enjoy his first post!]

By Chris Serri

Earlier this morning, the public was informed that Jared Allen,  the former fan-favorite defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, was signed by the Chicaco Bears to a four-year deal, per the team’s official Twitter account. Prior to signing with the Bears, he had also visited with the Seahawks and the Cowboys. The overwhelming majority of Vikings fans, myself included, will dearly miss Jared Allen, as he was one of the faces of our franchise, and definitely was the personality of the team. Moreover, the fact that he is staying in the NFC North and playing for a rival of the Vikings will obviously sting. Two or three years ago, most fans could never have pictured Jared Allen going on to play for another team.

The question remains, however, whether or not we as fans should show anger or  resentment towards Allen. This situation is somewhat similar to the Greg Jennings’ departure from the Packers a year ago. Jennings wanted more money than the Packers were willing to offer, so he signed with the Vikings, the only other team to show significant interest in him. The situation is not completely similar though, as it was already widely assumed by most fans that he would be gone this season. The fact of the matter is that Jared Allen was not getting younger, and because of this, he wanted to move on and finish his carrer playing for a “contender.” Whether or not the Bears are truly contenders is debatable, however, it is important to realize that the Vikings have a young talented pass rusher in Everson Griffen with tremendous athletic ability, and resigning him made the decision to part ways with Allen much easier. Had we not been able to resign Griffen, we may have made a greater push to retain Allen.

At the end of the day, it was simply time for both sides to move on. The Vikings went into the offseason wanting to get younger, and there was simply no reason to pay a hefty ammount of change to Allen while his talented backup is here waiting to get his chance to  dominate. We had seen what Griffen is capable of throughout the past few years in limited action, and the Vikings knew that now, with Allen’s contract expiring, is as perfect a time as any for Griffen to step into a full-time role. There is no reason for fans to be angry with Allen. He gave our beloved Vikings several great years, especially in 2011, when he had 22 sacks. He did not end his Vikings career on bad terms with the team, as he simply wants to win a Super Bowl. Instead of being angry that he will be behind enemy lines, Vikings fans should rejoice and be glad that he gave us six tremendous years. He may not be with our team any longer, but Vikings fans will always have a place for Jared Allen in their hearts.

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