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Cordarrelle Patterson to contribute
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A few months ago I wrote a quick post about Cordarrelle Patterson. It was about his offseason conditioning, how he was again working out with a man dubbed “Hell’s Trainer” in California. Not an extremely engaging story, since it’s well accepted that Patterson’s inability to get on the field the past two seasons has had much more to do with mental factors than physical ones, but the post sparked an interesting discussion in the comments section. These points that arose have stuck with me, and made me ponder the situation more than I have in the past.

Mandatory disclaimer: I understand the Patterson criticisms. Many of the negative things said and written about his attitude, grasp of the offense, and work ethic have been justified, and I’m certain the coaching staff has at least somewhat legitimate reasons for keeping him off the field. He hasn’t developed as a player—as a receiver—the way they would have liked him to. At times, he has been downright selfish.


Georgia Tech receiver Stephen Hill went from a mid-round prospect, to a near lock to be selected in the first round of April’s Draft after a fantastic showing at the NFL’s Scouting Combine.

He was so fast, and so fluid in his drills, that my partner in crime wondered if the Vikings wouldn’t target him specifically in April.

The problem, however, is that Hill is no longer considered a well kept secret as evidenced by the crowd drawn to his Pro Day.

It should be noted that Vikings receiver coach George Stewart not only attended Hill’s Pro Day, but pulled the receiver aside to offer encouragement.

If he is around when the Vikings make their second round selection, which I am starting to think isn’t going to happen, then don’t be surprised if Brett turns out to be correct and Hill ends up owning a nice, new purple jersey.

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