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What we learned from the Vikings' 34-17 win over the Buccaneers

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1. Hey, Case Keenum has value!

Astute readers will understand (mostly from seeing my name in the byline) that this post’s title is largely tongue-in-cheek; we’re not going to be casting Keenum in the Brett Favre mold anytime soon. HOWEVER, what Case Keenum did Sunday was remarkable. 25/33, 369 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions would be a blazing stat line from Sam Bradford, and is all the more impressive coming from the backup who struggled mightily at Pittsburgh last week.

The extraordinary part of Keenum’s performance, and the reason behind the sheepish yet not totally inaccurate gunslinger designation, was they way he threw downfield. Keenum aired it out early and often, starting with a pretty long ball down the sideline to Adam Thielen on the Vikings’ first drive and continuing for most of the game. The Vikings’ quarterback posted a colossal 11.18 passing yards per attempt, light years better than both his career average (6.6) and the 2016 NFL average (7.16ish). For reference, the record for yards per pass attempt over the balance of a season is 10.9, set by Sid Luckman in 1943. So yeah, Case was feeling it against the Bucs.

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Allow me to momentarily interrupt the ever-present and ongoing Teddy vs. Sam debate (Mobility! Winner! Accuracy! Smile!) with another edition of Links of the Week. Perhaps the only Vikings-related topic discussed as much as the quarterback dilemma (which, until both are healthy, is not a dilemma at all) the last few weeks is the potential landing place for Adrian Peterson. Peterson is still under contract with the Vikings for one more year, but with an $18 million cap hit, there’s a high likelihood the team will cut bait. The Vikings could of course bring him back at a lower dollar amount, but as our first bullet points out, the Adrian Peterson speculation knows no bounds:

  • In fact, the Star Tribune‘s Michael Rand writes Peterson has been linked to basically every NFL team. This post is a good collection of all the speculation, from intriguing to ridiculous. Some of the more reasonable teams named are the Giants, Buccaneers and…the Packers.
  • Adrian himself weighed in on Twitter Wednesday night, in his usual ham-fisted way of trying to be ominous or something:

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2015 Training Camp Vikings Fans
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with rookie quarterback Jameis Winson travel to TCF Bank Stadium to take on the Vikings. Winston, in his first NFL start ever, will go up against a Vikings defense that was able to get after the quarterback early and often last week in the Hall of Fame Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mike Zimmer has yet to lose a preseason game in his young tenure as the Vikings Head Coach. We’ll hope that trend continues today as we hang out here at Vikings Territory and shoot the crap in our live chat with all of you.

Day four is in the books with the Cleveland Browns selecting Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. It was close though with running back Trent Richardson being the runner-up.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whose primary needs this offseason are cornerback, wide receiver and linebacker, are now on the clock. Use the poll below to make your selection and leave us a comment with some sort of explanation for your choice. We just might use yours as the “analysis” in our draft table.

Speaking of the “draft table”, don’t forget to check out the “Community Mock” page to see the prior picks in the draft!

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