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Vikings in Washington
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A brief recap of what went down with the Vikings in Washington.

The Minnesota Vikings played the first quarter of football in Washington D.C. exatly like they’ve played during the last three losses. There were penalties, injuries, negative runs, poor pass protection, and a defense that looked uncharacteristically impotent.

This allowed Washington to jump to an earl 14-0 lead, but Mike Zimmer’s Vikings came to life in the second quarter, taking advantage of a turnover, playmaking wide outs, and a big tight end named Kyle Rudolph to regain the lead before halftime.

That score, however, was only 20-14 heading into halftime as the last play of the first half was a missed extra point by Blair Walsh, which had everyone appropriately anxious about how the second half might play out.

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Minnesota Vikings - Washington - Dan Steinberg - Washington Post - DC Sports Bog

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings head to Washington (but really Maryland) to try and have their 2016 season bailed out Sunday against the professional football team that resides there. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog swings by to preview the game, talk about the 4-3-1 Powerhouse by the Potomac, and let Vikings fans know if he thinks they’ll Like That on Sunday.

(I already used this “House of Vikes” theme for Episode 103, but dammit I love this show.)

All that and more “We make the terror.” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Blair Walsh is the Vikings' kicker
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The desire of football fans rarely matches the actions of their favorite football teams. Take the Minnesota Vikings, who just this week tried out multiple field goal kickers at Winter Park.

Fans continue to clamor for Blair Walsh’s replacement, but the Vikings opted to move forward with their struggling placekicker. This season, Walsh is 12-for-16 and 13-for-16 on extra points. To some, his most recent misses cost the Vikings a momentous football game, but Walsh remains the team’s one and only option.

Whether fans like it or not, the Vikings made a decision, one dictated by the realities of the salary cap and the roster’s current state. And with said business decision comes the uncertain reality of Walsh as a key contributor moving forward.

Knowing Walsh may serve as the key to a playoff berth (and beyond), I asked the Vikings Territory team to assess his prospects moving forward. Their answers, following the jump:

 Is Blair Walsh a lost cause?

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This week, I do my duty as an American and attempt to find the Vikings a new kicker. In this search, we turn inward, and have a makeshift audition with one of Vikings Territory‘s finest, Austin Belisle. Very spry, that one.

Plus, I try to further motivate the team with my score prediction. This and more, on this week’s Bump & Run. 

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Minnesota Vikings - PFF

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are indeed in the hunt for some good will after falling to 5-3 after a promising five-game win streak to begin the 2016 campaign. To make some sense of the mess, I brought in Dr. Eric Eager, Pro Football Focus contributor, to talk a little Purple and explain to me the method behind the PFF madness. Should people treat their grades as gospel? (No.) And what is the best way for the average jackass fan (like Andy) to incorporate PFF’s content to enrich their viewing experience and make them a better fan.

We also dove into general Vikings topics: Why does it appear that Anthony Barr is struggling? What makes Terence Newman so valuable this season? Was Norv really the only problem on the offense? #TeamTeddy or #TeamBradford going forward? And some Blair Walsh derpiness. Plus Eric shares memories of squaring off against THE Winona State University’s Chris Samp (aka Jeff Janis before Jeff Janis.)

All that and more “Do You Like Apples?” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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