Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Arizona Cardinals

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    The past six months have been a roller coaster ride for new Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd.

    In December of this past year, the Minnesota native watched as his career with the Arizona Cardinals unraveled in front of his eyes following a well-documented DUI arrest. Without a team for the first time since Arizona selected him with the No. 13 overall pick in 2012, Floyd found himself at a bit of a career crossroad and at the mercy of the NFL waiver wire.

    He was passed over by nearly every team, but the New England Patriots ultimately claimed the former Notre Dame standout not long after his release from the Cardinals, presenting him with an immediate opportunity to return to the gridiron and prove the player that was once regarded as the successor to Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona not only still exists but is prepared to grill this notion into the minds of those who question his character and ability to change his personal NFL narrative.

    Floyd was used sparingly during his two-month tenure in New England that concluded with confetti raining down on him and his teammates, but his lone receiving touchdown from quarterback Tom Brady epitomized the fire that burns ferociously deep inside the wide receiver and may one day be looked back upon as foreshadowing for an epic redemption story set in Minnesota.

    “I just thought it’d all work out at some point,” Floyd said. “I’ve just been down here [in Arizona] working out, training every day and hoping for an opportunity like this to happen.

    “It all worked out, and I’m excited to get back up to Minnesota.”

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    Green Bay Packers Record at U.S. Bank Stadium: 0-1

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    When the Minnesota Vikings took their first regular season snap of the year as a team back on September 11, 2016 in Tennessee, fan expectations ranged from “lost year” to “competitive in the postseason”. There was not a true, clear-cut general consensus regarding how Minnesota’s year would unfold with Teddy Bridgewater on injured reserve, Sam Bradford expected to start at quarterback sooner rather than later and question marks all over the depth chart from offensive tackle to wide receiver to safety (not named Harrison Smith).

    Minnesota went down to Nashville with a chip on its shoulder and, behind an impressive game from Shaun Hill (relatively speaking) and a truly outstanding all-around defensive performance, the Vikings swatted the initial wave of extremist doubters claiming they sent a potential Top-5 draft selection to the Philadelphia Eagles for Bradford.

    Then Bradford stepped in, and the next four weeks of Vikings football were surreal. It was such an outstanding and completely unexpected beginning to the season — even the most optimistic fans were taken aback — that many of those 43 days of 2016 Vikings football truly felt like a dream. And, for some looking back at those magical six weeks now, it was a dream — not of the REM sleep variety, however.

    This cynical usage of the term “dream” is likely better defined as a distorted reality of cognizant formation stemming from some variation of irregular brain activity or misguided thinking — or, simply, this period may optionally be remembered as a mirage conjured up by the atmospheric conditions of professional football.

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    Minnesota Vikings-Arizona Cardinals

    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings finally got back in the win column for the firs time since October 9th (41 days). Mike Zimmer’s once vaunted defense became vaunted once again, getting consistent pressure on Carson Palmer and helped the Purple seal a 30-24 win Sunday at Historic US Bank Stadium.

    Today’s Back in the Saddle Again Talkin Points Include
    • Carson Palmer Got Beat Like He Stole Something
    • Mandatory Kai Forbath Talking Point
    • Week 3 Under Shurmur Was _______.
    • Xavier Rhodes Played the Game of His Life
    • #FreeDanielleHunter
    • Cordarrelle Patterson is Becoming…
    • Offensive Line Watch
    • Jeff Locke Has Been PHENOMENAL This Season
    • The Defense Still Has Issues Stopping the Run
    • Week 11 Zimmer Assessment

    All that and more “Bring the Wood” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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