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andrew luck

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We got our question this week off the good ol’ Twitter machine — It’s a little different than what we normally do, and we all had fun coming up with our answers!

If you started an NFL team today and could pick one quarterback, one running back and one wide receiver, who would you pick?

QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Eddie Lacy
WR: Mike Evans

I had some fun thinking up these selections; although it was hard to pick a Packer over any Viking, I couldn’t help it. The reasoning for my picks is this: Luck is by far the best young QB on the planet right now, in my opinion, and he’s a once-in-a-generation type of QB who will go down as one of the all-time greats. I really believe that. Part of me still wanted to pick Bridgewater here, mostly because I do think he’ll be awesome in the long run, but I’m not sure he reaches Luck’s level—nor should we expect him to. Lacy, although I hate to say it, is a great running back to compliment a strong passing offense. Not only can he pound it between the tackles and pick up easy yardage when defenses favor the pass, but he’s also quite sufficient at pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield. I could have gone with several wide receivers, because the league is ripe with that talent right now, but Evans is the big-bodied wide out who would help me stretch the field. I like his red zone potential and think he encompasses a lot of the things you want in your No. 1 wide receiver.

QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Eddie Lacy
WR: Odell Beckham, Jr.

Andrew Luck is quite easily the most promising young quarterback in the NFL right now, and while there is still a gap between him and Aaron Rodgers, I give Luck the edge because of his youth and the fact that he is not Aaron Rodgers. Now, despite his Packerism, I love the way Eddie Lacy bruises his way to yardage and he is arguaby the best young running back in the NFL right now (current rookies aside). Again, putting a great deal of value into age considerations, OBJ will potentially be the NFL’s best wide out for the next five to seven years if his rookie season was any indication of things to come.

It feels wrong to already cast a gaze towards next season with a playoff game only four days away, but I wanted to point out that next year’s opponents are known.

Home: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers

Away: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals

There are a few things that jump out to me about this schedule.  First, it should be noted that the “home” game against the Steelers will indeed be played in London.  Obviously, that means home field advantage will not be at its normal heights and, in fact, the international stardom that the Steelers possess could mean the crowd is affecting the game in their favor.

Second, I can’t help but notice the plethora of mobile quarterbacks that will (most likely) face the Vikings.  Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers will of course be on the schedule twice.  Outside of them is RGIII, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, and Russell Wilson.  I’m not including Michael Vick because he is likely to be out in Philadelphia and I have no idea where he’ll end up.

Mobile quarterbacks have been an issue for the 2012 Vikings.  They lost games to Rodgers, Cutler, Andrew Luck, RGIII, Josh Freeman, and Wilson.  For the mathematicians in the group, all six of the Vikings losses were delivered by these shifty signal callers.

Of course, more recently, the Vikings have found success against Cutler and Rodgers at home, but otherwise their victories came against quarterbacks that aren’t really considered major flight risks.

The 2013 schedule pits us against running quarterbacks in nine matchups and I suspect this will need to be a point of emphasis this offseason, both in coaching current players and deciding which ones to add.

I suspect that Antoine Winfield, if he decides to continue playing, will be paid his $3 million salary without question from the Vikings.  They will also need to bolster the middle of their defense with smart and athletic players that can play instinctively against these quarterbacks, and have the range to shut down their attempts.

I already thought that defensive tackle, linebacker, and strong safety were needs this upcoming offseason.  After seeing this schedule, I am even more sure that upgrades will be needed.

Well, with only a little more than 48 hours until the 2012 NFL Draft is underway, I decided to pull the plug on any last minute changes to my 2012 Mock Draft a little early and call for a final version right now.

My final mock draft of the year is two rounds deep and can be viewed right here.

My top three picks have stayed exactly the same since I posted my first version on January 10th.  Andrew Luck, RGIII, and then Matt Kalil to the Vikings.  I still think there is a very good chance that Rick Spielman attempts a coup and trades back from the three spot, but the mock does not account for trades… or else things would get way too messy.

In the second round, I eschewed the stereotypical need based pick of a receiver or secondary talent and instead went with a guy I felt was clearly the best player available.  Here is a hint:  It’s a defensive tackle.

I know defensive tackle isn’t the biggest need on this roster, but it also isn’t the most solid position on this team either, and I just couldn’t pass up this particular prospect when the mock worked out the way it did.

Anyways, here is the link again, check it out… scrutinize it… and then come back on Thursday and Friday to laugh at how horribly wrong my mock was.

Some in the media think Rick Spielman should undergo a brain scan should he pass on USC left tackle Matt Kalil in April.  Others think writers that aren’t qualified to have such opinions should keep quiet.

The Vikings seem hell bent on making sure other teams don’t know exactly who they plan on selecting third overall, while also keeping their options open in terms of trading back.

With so many options available, it makes sense that the Vikings do their due diligence with as many prospects as they possibly can.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Vikings are reportedly hosting Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin to a pre-Draft visit.

Martin (6’ 5” – 312 pounds) was part of a star-studded Stanford team and he was tasked with protecting Andrew Luck’s blind side.  He is known as an athletic left tackle, plenty capable of blocking for the passer and a dominant run blocker.

He joins Luck, tight end Coby Fleener, and guard David DeCastro as a Stanford product seemingly destined to be selected in the first round next month.

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Day one of our “Community Mock” is in the books and the Indianapolis Colts predictably came away drafting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.  Luck received over 89% of the votes.  Remember, the progress of our mock can be viewed by clicking here, which includes analysis from you, the readers.

Today, it is the Rams that are on the clock, which presents a number of options both in terms of players and trades.  Take a look at the options, make a pick or choose your own path by selecting “other” and specifying what you think in the comments. 

Remember, if you leave a comment with your vote, you might just get picked to provide the “analysis” for the pick in our mock.

Here we go:

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