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adrian peterson

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Earlier today, embattled Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson met with head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman at his home in Houston, Texas. Shortly after the meeting concluded, Adrian Peterson released this statement, per ESPN’s Josina Anderson:

“I appreciate Rick [Spielman] and Coach [Mike] Zimmer coming down to see me today. We had a great dialogue and they were able to understand where I was coming from and concerns my family and I still have. We respect each other and hopefully the situation can pan out so that everyone involved is content.”

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The NFL is a business, plain and simple. Every Sunday from early September to February, fans have the opportunity to watch their favorite players and teams compete on football’s grandest stage. But the machinations that take place behind closed doors, in executive offices, and away from the cameras are the engines that drive the ever-popular $6-billion machine.

Loyalty has become an abstract concept in the age of $100 million quarterbacks — are players loyal to their franchises or committed to the prospects of a new contract? It’s difficult to blame players for following the money; on one hand, this is their livelihood, an increasingly-lucrative opportunity that injuries can snatch away in the blink of an eye. On the other, fans expect their favorite players, their superstars, to be “lifers” and stick with a team for the duration of their careers.

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Welcome to our first “Question of the Week” segment! Each week we will offer a new Vikings-related question to the group of VT writers, and occasionally we’ll have a guest weigh in, too. The responses will be set up in a round table format; we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments as well!

Where Will Adrian Peterson Play for the 2015-2016 Season?

brettBrett:  While I believe the popular answer will be the Indianapolis Colts, I have a hard time seeing them use another first- (or even second-) round pick to trade for another running back that has question marks. Though a complete shot in the dark, my guess is Peterson will be reunited with his former head coach, Leslie Frazier, in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have an abundance of cap room to handle Peterson’s contract (although, there has been talk of him restructuring his deal to make a trade for him), and they could certainly use a running back. Although Doug Martin had an impressive rookie year, he has been disappointing since. I think reuniting Peterson with Frazier, in a warm climate, in the south, with a team that has a first overall pick to presumably add young talent at quarterback, will be appealing to Peterson. Bonus: The compensation will be the first picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds of the 2015 Draft.


adamAdam: I was giving the edge to the Vikings right up until Arif reported that the team is trying hard to ship him out. As much as that hurt me to read it, I trust Arif and think the Vikings will ship him to the highest bidder. That bidder will obviously have sufficient cap space to absorb Adrian’s contract or will be enough of a contender to convince him to restructure for a chance at a ring. I think the Browns and Rams have a lot to offer, but in the end I’m going to give Indianapolis and its Super Bowl potential the edge here.

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Well, we’re almost there, folks. Free agency is right around the corner which means the boring part of the offseason is almost over (well, until the next boring part, but you know what I mean…)

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Okay, onto the real Links of the Week:

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Per 1500 ESPN’s Darren Wolfson and a USA Today report from Tom Pelissero, Adrian Peterson and his wife Ashley are scheduled to meet with Minnesota Vikings management on Wednesday in Houston, Texas:

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