Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Meet the run defense

Packers will stack the Box Against Adrian Peterson
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For as long as Aaron Rodgers has been in Green Bay, he’s been an issue for the Minnesota Vikings. In 16 games, he’s thrown 34 touchdowns to five interceptions, winning 11 of the matchups while compiling a 113.2 passer rating. Calling Rodgers unstoppable, especially when facing the Vikings, wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Recent history, however, suggests the Vikings are learning how to slow Rodgers down. Most of that has to do with head coach Mike Zimmer, who is 3-3 against Rodgers in his coaching career, holding the Packers quarterback to comparably pedestrian numbers. In his last two meetings with the Vikings, Rodgers threw three touchdowns and one interception, completing 55.3 percent of his throws and finishing the stretch with a sub-84 quarterback rating. That, combined with the limitless talent up and down Zimmer’s defense, means Rodgers is in for a fight every time he straps up to play the Vikings.

Minnesota knows how to prepare for Rodgers, but he’s far from the only concern in Green Bay. Looming ahead of Sunday’s Week 2 clash is the Packers’ stout run defense, which held Jaguars running back T.J. Yeldon to 48 yards on 26 carries last week, good for 1.8 yards per carry. If the Vikings plan to beat Green Bay, they’ll need more than a solid effort from the defense; they’ll need Adrian Peterson to regain his 2015 form against an underrated defensive front.

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Only two weeks into the 2016 regular season and the Minnesota Vikings are already hosting their most hated rival in the Green Bay Packers. But this game will be like no other Vikings/Packers game in the past as it will be the first to be played in Minnesota’s brand new home at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Despite not scoring a single touchdown on offense, the Vikings were able to come out of Tennessee last Sunday with their first win of the season. That absolutely cannot happen again if Minnesota has any ideas about starting the year 2-0.

The big question leading up to Sunday night’s game is who will be starting under center for the Vikings. It will be either Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill and only Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer knows the answer to that question right now.

Or does he?

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Written by Adam’s wife Danielle

After a rough start on offense, our men in purple pulled through last week and we won our first official game of the season! Also, a shout out to NFC’s  Defensive Player of the Week, our very own Eric Kendricks!!! I have the utmost faith in our men to keep us going and continue to bring us as many wins as necessary to make it to the Super Bowl.

As I have previously stated, in past seasons I have always made a dish that represented the opposing team. During that time, I created the following recipe and when I started doing these weekly posts, I knew that I was going to feature it because although Vikings fans are not into the Packers, everyone is into cheese.

Let us just take a moment to conjure up this goodness in our minds. Tender, salty hash browns infused with the flagrant flavors of onion and garlic. Mixed in with those amazing potatoes is hot, gooey, melted cheddar. On top of all that, is a spectacularly salty, cheesy crunch from Cheez-It crackers.

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Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers

So are you gonna Love US Bank Stadium or you gonna List It?

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings kick the tires and lights the fires to our new home for the first time (that counts) Sunday night against arch-nemesis Green Bay. The Packers are 1-0 after coming in and stealing the show at Jacksonville last Sunday, and the winner of this Sunday Night Football match will have a leg up in the NFC North race as the 2016 campaign chugs along.

Alex Gelhar (, NFL Fantasy Live Podcast, Packers Apologist) rejoins the show to give us some insight about that team from the wrong side of the Mississippi, how the Purple matches up against #TeamAlJazeera, and a little fantasy talk at the end (pick up Kyle Rudolph off the free agent scrap heap).

All that and other “Build a wall for THIS border, imo” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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Gauging Confidence in Vikings K Blair Walsh
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Whether Minnesota Vikings fans like it or not, Blair Walsh is the team’s kicker through 2019. The six-year veteran signed a contract extension last offseason, a deal that made Walsh the fifth-highest paid kicker in the league at the time. His contract, which runs through the 2019 season, pays Walsh $8.75 million over the next four years.

Despite his recent misses and struggles, Walsh is the team’s kicker for the foreseeable future. The decision to award Walsh an extension last year, even after posting the lowest field goal percentage of his career in 2014, has been and will continue to be the focus of debates as the season rolls on.

What we’re here to do is gauge our confidence in Walsh. We’ve seen what he can do — setting rookie records in 2012 — and know that he scored all of Minnesota’s points in last year’s Wild Card loss. And we know that he led the league with 34 made field goals in 2015. But last week’s win over the Tennessee Titans didn’t inspire confidence in the former Georgia Bulldog. With 15 games left in the regular season, I asked the Vikings Territory team:

“How concerned are you with the play of Blair Walsh?”

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