Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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VT Question of the Week

Top of the Vikings' Depth Chart
Image courtesy of Vikings.com

In the NFL, or the “Not For Long” league, change is imminent. Even for tenured starters, there comes a time when change must happen. Exorbitant contracts are the enemy of the front office. Father Time waits for no one. Rookies and free agents step in, ripping starting spots from those at the top of the depth chart.

It’s a cruel reality, and it’s no less cruel for the Minnesota Vikings. The team will take the field for its first preseason game on Friday night, where today’s starters may only see a handful of snaps. Tomorrow’s potential starters, however, will enjoy an extended amount of time under the lights.

These next four weeks will be crucial in the development of a final 53-man roster. Although the Vikings released a preseason depth chart earlier this week, that list is sure to change. Starters at the top may end up on the bench, and reserves may leap-frog their way into the starting rotation. With that in mind, the Vikings Territory team is back to predict how the top of the Vikings’ depth chart will change by the start of the regular season.

Which starter on the preseason depth chart won’t be a starter come Week 1?

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    Photo courtesy of Chris Price.

    Training camp is an intense grind day in and day out, for all who are involved. What the practice highlights don’t show you is the mass of people who are a part of the machine that produces an NFL product every Sunday.

    The modern day NFL, however, is a 24/7 job for so many others who are a part of the Vikings organization, including Viking Territory’s good friend Lindsey Young. You wouldn’t have to spend much time hanging around these parts to bump in Young’s work.

    For more than two years, Young brought a unique perspective to your day-to-day Vikings coverage and explored the personal stories tied to the team. Her work became so well known and respected, it caught the attention of the Vikings themselves, and she departed Vikings Territory to become the first female writer in Vikings history.

    After a little less than a year with the organization, I thought it would be fun to highlight Young’s transition to the NFL. After sharing so many stories with us, it might be nice to hear hers.

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    #MoreThanWords Campaign Giveaways

    The #MoreThanWords campaign concluded last night in spectacular fashion, raising over $15,000 for the Mike Zimmer Foundation, and now we have the pleasure of randomly selecting from the group of generous donors and assigning the many great prizes that were available.

    The Rules were pretty simple: Every $10 you donated got you one entry into the drawing. Names will be randomly drawn for each of the prizes below and announced throughout the evening, starting soon. So keep checking back for updates!

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    I am proud to introduce my wife, Danielle, to the Vikings Territory community! Each week she will be providing the site with the perfect snack or meal to for you to prepare and then devour while you cheer on the Vikings! I’ll let her explain the rest, but here is her debut post for you to enjoy!

    – Adam Patrick

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    Minnesota Vikings 53 Man Roster
    Photo Courtesy of Luke Inman

    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings begin their two days of practice with the Cincinnati Bengals before Friday’s first preseason game in Southern Ohio (but really Northern Kentucky). Mankato Training Camp is in the rear view mirror. Impressions were made, but still plenty of time for jobs to be won or lost. But that won’t stop us from recklessly speculating who will (Teddy Bridgewater) and who won’t (Antone Exum) be in Purple to start the 2016 season.

    Follow along with our 53-man roster projection on the Google Doc.

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