Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Minnesota Vikigns Super Bowl NFL Draft

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings obviously aren’t playing for the Lombardi on Sunday, but there is no offseason in the NFL. We talk about this year’s version of the Big Game and the Purple as they gear up trying to be a participant in the 2018 version right here in the great state of Minnesota.

Today’s Talkers Include
Tackles That Could Be On the Trade Block
• At Least the Vikings Took the Pro Bowl Seriously
• Coach Stew is Gone
• Senior Bowl Standouts
Vikings Rookies Did Not Play Many Snaps This Season
Super Bowl Prop Bets I Like
• Who I Got in the Big Game
• Setting Up the Perfect Super Bowl Party
• Am I Looking Forward to a Minneapolis Super Bowl?

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All that and more “Everson Was Robbed of the Pro Bowl MVP” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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the future of the Minnesota Vikings
Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer still can’t see out of his right eye, but an offseason surgery should fix his ailing vision. Despite the impairment, Zimmer missed just one game during the regular season and coached the Vikings to an 8-8 record.

While he recovers from the impending surgery, general manager Rick Spielman will have his hands full with another arduous task; mending a depleted offensive line and restocking a talented, if underperforming 2016 roster.

Difficult as it may be, Spielman has the salary cap flexibility to make wholesale changes in free agency and the proven craftiness to recoup draft picks lost in the Sam Bradford trade. How he does that, though, remains to be seen. And how he implements those changes in 2017 is a question no one can answer until at least August.

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Skol Spin No. 3: Bridgewater Expected to Miss All of 2017 — Episode 43

Cover Art by Photoshop Expert BJ Reidell

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald return extremely well rested from their weekend off with a sizzling hot 68-minute About the Labor Special centered around the most important position in sports, the quarterback.


  • Vikings Analysis: The Teddy Bridgewater vs. Sam Bradford is just flat-out stupid right now
  • Draft: Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and the most well-regarded quarterback prospects in 2017
  • Draft: Pittsburgh’s Nathan Peterman deserves more respect
  • Draft Debate: BJ vs. Drew on Tennessee’s Josh Dobbs’ NFL future
  • Fury Take: BJ goes all-in on former Minnesota trash can Mitch Leidner (New Show Decibel Record)
  • Draft: The guys show their age a little bit while discussing middle school survivor CJ Beathard
  • Skol Spin: ATL Pioneer Iñaki Flood becomes first random guest to take the Skol Spin Challenge
  • Outro: Per standard, BJ stumbles through closing statements and Drew establishes his sign-out role

Three Questions

Aj Mansour on Jarius Wright, Midseason Drama, and the 2017 NFL Draft
Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Aj Mansour is practically a household name among Minnesota Vikings fans. Long a contributor at kfan.com, he’s making like Lebron James and taking his talents to another Internet “city.” Only this time, it’s not Miami or Cleveland.

Mansour’s joining the growing team at Purple PTSD, where our friend Joe Johnson serves up daily reminders of the struggle of being a Vikings fan. Like good neighbors, we asked Aj to participate in the final installment of “Three Questions,” and he happily obliged.

Before we get to his answers, though, here’s a rundown of every interview…

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Super Bowl

Here it is, gang: yet another Super Bowl in which the Vikings will not participate. I’d say it’s a disappointment but I’d be lying—the squad began its collapse early enough in the season that we’ve all had ample time to pour out a Hamm’s for what could have been and move on. Heck, much of Vikings nation has already migrated to draft preparation, and while I can’t yet bring myself to get excited for an event that’s still three months away, I understand the desire to put 2016 behind us and look forward to a brighter future.

Still, there’s a game left to play, and this one’s a doozy. Super Bowl LI pits a squad of unlikely newcomers against the game’s modern dynasty, and if that doesn’t get you excited, perhaps you should consider shifting gears and finding one of the few remaining spots on the Minnesota Wild bandwagon. But for me, football always wins, and this Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl is one heck of a matchup. On one hand, you have Goliath; a Hall-of-Fame quarterback/coach combination that seems to conjure highly productive skill players out of the ether and probably needs a separate team facility to house their entire trophy collection. On the other, David; the lowly Falcons, who…have the likely NFL MVP and led the league in scoring?

Okay, so maybe this isn’t an underdog story of biblical proportions. The game pits the NFC’s highest scoring team (33.8 points per game) against the AFC’s (27.6), and the bookies in Vegas set the spread at a modest three points in favor of the Patriots. BUT, the Pats have easily been the NFL’s most dominant team since the turn of the century, making seven Super Bowl appearances (counting this year) since 2002 and winning four. How many times have the Falcons made it to the big game in that timeframe? Zero. In fact, their last Super Bowl trip was in 1999, when they…well, maybe we don’t go down memory road on that one, okay? Okay.

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