Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Vikings. Zombies. What else is there really?

Adam Carlson (co-editor of The Viking Age & co-host of the Purple People Podcast) joined the show to talk Vikings Football and The Walking Dead as Adam is also editor of the popular Walking Dead fansite Undead Walking.

The Vikings-Zombies connection is appropriate given that there is NO fanbase out there that dies a little inside every Sunday, but comes right back the next week like fans of the Men of the North…

We talk about the important stuff: How was Year One of Zim & Teddy? What’s Adrian’s future? What will 2015 hold for the Vikings? Why should people slow their roll on Duron Carter? Which Walking Dead character is most like Mike Zimmer? (Hint: Not Shane)

We discuss all that and more on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Image courtesy of Matt Engstrom

I had always hoped that Kevin Williams would get a Super Bowl ring.

Of course, I envisioned that ring being a result of him winning the Big One as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.  That never happened, but this coming Sunday will be Williams’ best chance ever at being an NFL champion, and it is certainly giving Vikings fans a reason to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.

Williams will always be a big part of Vikings history (remember how he was drafted?) and the Vikings will always be a big part of his life. Going away for a season, even a Super Bowl winning season, still wouldn’t be enough to make Williams consider himself anything other than a career Viking.

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(photo used with permission of the Cook family)

On January 7, 2015, Senior Airman Eli Cook passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident one week prior. He was 22 years old. This feature is dedicated to Eli’s memory, his family, and all those close to him.

(photo used with permission of the Cook family)
(photo used with permission of the Cook family)

The middle brother of eight children, Eli Cook was born into a Minnesota Vikings family on Sept. 11, 1992; his father Wayne says that Eli was a Vikings fan from Day One.

“Dad was always watching sports,” explained Eli’s brother Andrew, “and we would always watch with him.”

Eli especially enjoyed watching the Timberwolves and Vikings, and they soon became his favorite of Minnesota’s sports teams. He gained a reputation of being the most athletic in the family, and he often stood out because of his speed. As a middle- and junior-high school student, Eli played quarterback for his team in Wilmar, MN.

Like most sports fans, Eli had a competitive spirit both on and off the field. Friendly competition regularly brewed between the brothers at home, and that passionate edge also came into play when cheering for—and defending—their hometown team.

Being a member of the U.S. Air Force, Eli relocated outside of Minnesota and worked with men and women from all over the country. Wherever he was, though, he was quick to talk up the Vikings. An Air Force friend shared that Eli was a “hardcore trash talker,” constantly ribbing friends who supported rival teams. He was also known for always wearing his Chad Greenway jersey. Eli’s father explained that Eli chose the No. 52 jersey because he worked on a B52 airplane—something he was incredibly proud of. “That plane was his baby,” Andrew said.

Eli’s love for the purple and gold spoke strongly to his character, as Andrew described:

“When Eli left for the Air Force and lived in Texas and Louisiana, he embraced Minnesota sports even more than before—it was a source of pride for his home state. […] Eli had a lot of pride and showed a lot of passion for everything that he did and believed in—whether it was his Air Force career, friends and family, faith, or his roots.”

Amidst several personality differences that can only be expected between siblings, sports always brought the Cook family together. Some of the most treasured memories include those times of watching, talking about and playing sports together.

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Senior Bowl Lineman
Photo courtesy of Luke Inman

Luke Inman (@Luke_Spinman) joined the Purple FTW! Podcast live from Mobile, AL where he was covering the Senior Bowl for eDraft to give us an insider’s perspective on the unofficial kickoff to NFL Draft season.

I asked Luke what it’s like rubbing elbows with NFL scouts, coaches, & executives (including a Spielman sighting & story). As well as which players made some money over the week and which ones will have some work to do as we hurdle towards the April 30th Draft in Chicago.

All that on top of Luke’s take on specific names I’d like to see in Purple this fall as well as a report about Charlie Johnson confirmed by ‘sources’ on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast.

Episode after the jump.

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Now that we have reinvented ourselves a little bit here at VT, and added some fun features, it is time we turn our attention to how the Vikings will do the same thing during the 2015 NFL offseason.

Of course, that means it is now open season for mock drafts, and we hope to bring you plenty of them between now and May.  I have completed my first attempt at a mock and you can CLICK HERE to read the whole thing.

The way the top ten selections shook out in my mock left the Vikings with a number of options including popular choices like WR DeVante Parker, CB P.J. Williams, and OT Andrus Peat.  I did not end up selecting any of these three, however, and encourage you to find out who was picked by visiting my mock draft page.

Also, don’t forget to check out Brett’s first mock draft.  He gave the Vikings a guy that I don’t even have going in the first round of my mock.  How’s that for variety?

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