Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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The long awaited reinstatement of Adrian Peterson by the NFL has finally occurred. Effective Friday, 4/17, Peterson is eligible to rejoin the Vikings for all scheduled activities.

The NFL’s official statement can be found below.

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Arif: Minnesota Vikings

Adam: Minnesota Vikings
Themselves. Looking at this roster pre-Draft, I see a team that has every bit as much talent and upside as anybody in the NFC North, including the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, that has been the case in the past and it was the Vikings beating themselves that ultimately did them in. Finding ways to avoid the police blotter, the injury report, the weekly “C’mon Man!” segment, and the pages of TMZ will be paramount to their success in 2015. If they can play disciplined football, refrain from making stupid penalties and committing gaffs in the clock management area, then I think this Vikings team has no limits. Unfortunately, the organization’s history has me in a constant state of fear as to just how everything will unravel this time.

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According to the Star Tribune, former Minnesota Vikings tight end Stu Voigt is charged with using a real estate scheme to swindle millions from investors by diverting funds into new accounts. The charges were assigned Wednesday, less than a year after settling a $1 million lawsuit with former teammate Ron Yary.

Voigt came under scrutiny in 2011 when Yary filed a suit claiming Voigt conned him and three other Minnesota residents out of $1 million, using the guise of “risk-free” investments.

As of Wednesday’s happenings, the Star Trib posted the following:

Voigt, 66, of Apple Valley, and Twin Cities real estate developer Jeff Gardner, 61, were both charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, false statement on a loan application and monetary transactions in criminally derived property.

Accusations date back to documents filed between 2005 and 2007, stating that Voigt and Gardner misrepresented assets to investors. Gardner’s business entity, Hennessey Financial LLC, served as the pair’s vehicle for fraud. Gardner and Voigt told investors their money would be used for financing commercial real estate projects and were guaranteed returns of 10-20 percent per year; instead, the funds were used to repay previews investors and personal debts.

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Eric Galko of @OptimumScouting joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft and what it means for our Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings. Slick Rick Spielman hit on Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater last year and he looks to add to his draft haul of seven 1st round picks in the last three seasons. The Vikings are currently picking at #11 but who knows if they stay there, if Adrian Peterson is moved, or if Rick hops back into the end of the first round as has been his usual move. Eric helps me break it all down from a scouting perspective as we take an in depth look at prospects who could be on the Vikings radar.

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I love DeVante Parker.

I love his size, I love his 80″ wing span, and I love his ball skills in the red zone. I love that he played with Teddy Bridgewater at Louisville, and I love that he caught 28 touchdowns from Bridgewater between 2011 and 2013. I love his fit in Norv Turner’s offense, and I love Luke Inman’s description of Parker as “Randy Moss-Lite”.

But in my latest mock draft, I don’t love drafting him 11th-overall.

Why? Because the Vikings reportedly love Trae Waynes, and I’m not one to come between Mike Zimmer and his affection for athletic cornerbacks.

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