Friday, July 31, 2015

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Per Mark Craig, Mick Tingelhoff has been selected to the Hall of Fame.

There’s a lot to say about his HOF case, so, I’ll just copy and paste everything I wrote about Tingelhoff back when he was announced:

Peter King, in his MMQB column, makes Tingelhoff’s case to be in the Hall as well as anyone:

I think I have one name to keep in mind as the Pro Football Hall of Fame senior committee gathers this week in Canton to nominate one old-timer for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, class of 2015: Mick Tingelhoff. Think of Tingelhoff’s greatest accomplishment:

For the last 358 games of his 17-year career—99 preseason games, 240 regular-season games, 19 postseason games—Tingelhoff started. He failed to start only once—the first exhibition game of his career for the Vikings in 1962. Amazing. He dressed for 359 games in 17 years, and started the last 358. “He never missed a practice either,’’ his onetime quarterback, Fran Tarkenton, said.

He made first-team All-Pro seven times; no NFL center was voted first-team All-Pro more times. Back when the Pro Bowl meant something, a back playing behind Tingelhoff made the Pro Bowl 13 times.

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The NFL tweeted out that Odell Beckham, Jr. won the Associated Press’ Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, which makes sense. It was the most dominant rookie receiver season since Randy Moss. In 12 games, Odell Beckham averaged 108.8 yards a game, the most of any receiver (with any amount of experience), in the NFL—something only 10 receivers have done in history (with at least ten games), with only one receiver to do it twice (not Jerry Rice or Randy Moss, but Charley Hennigan).

This doesn’t take away from Teddy Bridgewater’s amazing year, of course. He finished with a solid adjusted yards per attempt, a league-average yards per attempt and a five-game streak better than almost any quarterback in the NFL.

And he still has the Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award to hang his hat on!

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Evidently, according to the Northeast Ohio Media Group and as reported by Mary Kay Cabot (who has not always been on point when it comes to Cleveland Browns stories), Teddy Bridgewater would have preferred not to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns because of the feeling that he wouldn’t have the full support of the staff behind him.

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who’s up for Pepsi Rookie of the Year, didn’t want to play for the Browns in part because he knew that not everyone in the organization was on board with drafting him, a league source told Northeast Ohio Media Group.

The source said Bridgewater knew that some in the organization really liked him and that others wanted Johnny Manziel instead.

Despite the fact that the Browns commissioned a $100,000 study on who to draft, one that indicated that Teddy Bridgewater was the best choice, they opted to trade up to the 22nd pick to select Johnny Manziel, whose rookie season has been much more troubling than Bridgewater’s.

According to the report by Cabot, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was not sold on either Bridgewater or Manziel, instead preferring Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo or Pitt quarterback Tom Savage. In addition to the Manziel/Bridgewater split inside the Browns organization, there were evidently people who didn’t like either.

Teddy previously indicated on the Dan Patrick show shortly after the draft that he much preferred Minnesota to Cleveland, but this is the first word as to specifically why he didn’t want to go to Cleveland.

Bridgewater’s rookie season has seemingly panned out well. Props to the Vikings for hiding their dysfunctionality until it was too late to turn back.

According to Brian Murphy at the Pioneer Press, District Judge Kelly Case outlined 17 conditions for Adrian Peterson in order for him to expunge his conviction from his criminal record, to be completed in two years.

The plea bargain that Adrian Peterson, lawyer Rusty Hardin and prosecutor District Attorney Brett Ligon agreed to allowed Adrian to plea down to a misdemeanor reckless assault charge on a deferred adjudication—Peterson is not considered having been convicted of this crime unless he doesn’t meet the conditions set forth by Judge Case in the allotted time.

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The young Vikings signal-caller wins the fan-voted award, though there may have been better candidates.

UPDATE: Teddy Bridgewater has officially won the contest. Story as it originally appeared, below:

Pepsi’s fan voting contest on for rookie of the year has evidently picked a winner, despite the announcement coming later tonight. The interaction is still up at their website (update: no it’s not), but in case they take it down, here’s a screenshot:

Pepsi Rookie of the Year

It’s a big feather in the cap for Bridgewater, though of the five players, his performance was probably not the top one. Still, his five-week run at the end of the season was as good as anybody’s so it’s not as if Teddy doesn’t deserve it in an abstract sense.

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