Monday, October 23, 2017

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Classic Minnesota Vikings Football
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Vikings Free Agency: A few reasons not to panic.

In trying to gauge Minnesota’s fan base reaction to free agency thus far, it seems that there is about an even split between three broad categories: “Yay!” “Boo!” and “Yawn.”

Like everyone else, I get caught up in the anticipation and excitement leading up to free agency; like a kid on Christmas that hopes to see Santa left him his very own 70-inch 4K smart TV under the tree this year. I know there’s a super slim chance of that happening, but I also can’t help but get my hopes up.

Free agency has yet to yield any gifts quite so extravagant, and I can understand the disappointment expressed by many Vikings fans so far. Like any kid on the “Nice List,” however, I am grateful for what was left in the stockings this year anyway.

While I am admittedly going a little out of my way to keep things positive with this article, there are a few things I genuinely appreciate about Rick Spielman’s approach to free agency after the first big wave has come and gone.

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And other Free Agency thoughts

Eddie Lacy to the Vikings Makes Sense
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Say what you will about Eddie Lacy’s eating habits or his love of Chinese food, but the former Packers running back is a perfect fit for the Minnesota Vikings. In his five-year career, he’s gained more than 3,400 yards and scored 23 times, averaging 4.4 yards per carry in Green Bay’s pass-happy offense.

Nevermind his weight; Minnesota knows all too well how effective Lacy can be on the ground. In seven games against the division rival Vikings, Lacy amassed 618 yards and scored five touchdowns to contribute to Green Bay’s four series victories. At 5’11” and 231 pounds, he’s a load to bring down and the potential “thunder” to complement the “lightning” that is Jerick McKinnon in Minnesota’s backfield.

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Carolina and Minnesota continued their player swapping well into Friday night, a theme that makes this offseason’s free agency period somewhat unique.

We already knew that the Vikings lost left tackle (and pizza maker) Matt Kalil to the Panthers this week. I openly mused at that point, in our ongoing Live Chat, about the possibility of Mike Remmers joining the Vikings and being of more value at half the cost than what Kalil ends up being in Carolina.

Amazingly, that theory will now be tested by reality, as Remmers has signed with the Vikings. Then news broke that two more Vikings free agents are going to be Carolina Panthers moving forward.

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