Friday, September 22, 2017

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Yesterday, the Washington Redskins swiped defensive back Domonique Johnson off of the Vikings practice squad by adding him to their active roster.

Today, the Vikings replaced Johnson with defensive back Reggie Jones in his second year out of Portland State.

The addition of Jones is likely to never have much impact on the Vikings, but you never know with these guys, he could develop into a fine young player.

Jones has one of the more horrific childhood stories that I have ever heard.  According to this report, his mother was put in prison at a very young age after she lit his father on fire while Jones and his two siblings were sleeping. 

Jones’ father screamed to him for help but ended up burning to death while Jones got his sisters out of the house.

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This ad doesn’t actually appear on the Vikings official website, but they should hire whomever put it together because it probably has a better chance of making an impact in their stadium effort than any thing they have put out so far:


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The Vikings have a ton of questions facing them as they come out of their mid-season bye week preparing to beat the unbeaten Packers.

The biggest question of all, however, has nothing to do with Monday night’s game.

That, of course, is the question of whether or not the Vikings will continue to play football in Minnesota after this miserable season finally ends.  The Star Tribune provided a glimmer of hope that the inevitable time in which a decision is finally made could be delayed up to a year due to a little known clause in the Metrodome lease agreement.

The clause apparently says that one year is to be added to the Metrodome lease should the facilities be damaged forcing the team to play a home game elsewhere.  As we all know, the collapse of the Metrodome roof in 2010 caused the Vikings to host two games outside of their normal home.

Ted Mondale, Chairman of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, thinks that there is no possible way the Vikings are playing elsewhere in 2012.

The Vikings see it another way and responded without giving any specific details.

“We are secure in our legal position,” said the Vikings. “The Vikings lease expires after the 2011 season. It is not in the State’s or anyone’s best interest to look for any reason to further delay a stadium solution.” 

We knew this fight was going to get ugly, but it looks like this will get very ugly and possibly need to go in front of a judge.

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