Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported today the Indianapolis Colts will officially announce tomorrow in a press conference that they will be moving forward without Peyton Manning as quarterback. This news shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anyone as it has been well known the Colts would select [supposed] prodigy Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. After going 2-14 last season, the Colts have had a complete overhaul from the top down. Supposedly, Manning preferred  to stay in Indianapolis but the Colts just don’t want him – displayed by the fact that they never even attempted to engage in negotiations with him.

So, here it is – the inevitable question:

With Peyton Manning now becoming a free agent, would you want the veteran quarterback to man the helm in Minnesota?

The Vikings are notorious for going after veteran players past their prime (not saying Manning is…). While I would like to think that they will stay true to becoming a younger team and developing Christian Ponder, there is a part of me that wonders if they would really go after Manning.

Honestly, I’m not sure that they could realistically pursue the pricey passer due to our situation with the salary cap. But just as a hypothetical, would you have Peyton Manning as quarterback of the Vikings? Vote below and give us your thoughts in the comments.


NFL players continue to come to the aid of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in light of the recent bounty scandal. One of them, Darren Sharper (ex-Packer, Vikings and Saints safety), apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that Williams has already confessed and apologized for providing incentives for players to play with the intent of injuring their competition. Last Friday, Darren Sharper told reporters that there were only incentives for making big plays (such as interceptions, fumbles, etc…), not for injuring the opponent. Sharper was back at it today when he did an interview for a Philadelphia radio station.

“Saying that we were trying to maim guys or try to cart a guy off is just totally ridiculous… I don’t think Coach Peyton had anything or didn’t know anything about that. Coach Peyton didn’t have any idea what we were doing… Was it overseen and controlled by the coaching staff? Yes it was.”

I mean, seriously? Doesn’t Sharper have someone that can keep him informed and up-to-date on this stuff? It would really serve Sharper well to just shut up – something he’s never been capable of.

Fred Smoot is another one of the mindless fools that has come to the aid of Gregg Williams. Smoot played under Williams for two years with the Redskins. It has been reported, since the news broke about the bounty system in place in New Orleans, that Williams had implemented similar incentive programs during previous employment with the Redskins and the Bills. Smoot smooted,

“We started a pot as a defensive backfield of who could get the most forced fumbles, who could get the most interceptions… It was never a bounty… Gregg never put in a dime. Gregg never came in and said do this, or do that. We did that ourselves as a way to kind of pump each other up to go make more plays… He never coached dirty football… I never saw anyone paid for knocking someone out of the game. Did we, as players, put in pots to make plays, what we called ‘big splash plays?’ We did that. Players.”

Smoot’s defense of his former defensive coordinator directly contradicts the detailed account of former safety Matt Bowen who was also with the Redskins under Williams.What’s funny is that even if there was no bounties placed on injuries and it was just for interceptions, sacks, etc… it still violates the NFL cap rules.

In other news, amidst all of the turmoil taking place in New Orleans (whether it be due to the bounty news or franchising Drew Brees), the Saints have also found time to bring in Randy Moss for workouts. Rumor is the Saints want to bring in the veteran wide receiver to help clean up the locker room culture and encourage players to play for the love of the game instead of monetary incentives. (I kid…) But seriously, the Saints are one of the few teams planned to be bringing in #84 for workouts.

If you haven’t noticed (you better have!) I am relying on Brett even more than I usually do to help me keep the site fresh with the latest news and rumors surrounding the Vikings.

It just so happens that this is one of those weeks when my real job has me tied up all hours of the day, and I am even more worthless than normal when I get home.

But don’t worry, I talked to Rick Spielman today and he said they would host a few more meetings with ownership and wait until Saturday to make any big roster decisions.  That will give me time recoup from the long work week and bring you the latest, greatest Vikings news as free agency approaches.

Spielman said that his free agency plans are finalized and that the team is simply waiting for March 13th to roll around.  In the meantime, he plans to attend as many pro days as possible, including Oklahoma State and USC, where he will get up-close looks at Matt Kalil and Justin Blackmon.

Oh, and if you are wondering what the heck I am babbling on about, click here to read all about Spielman’s recent statements regarding his plans for the week.

Day four is in the books with the Cleveland Browns selecting Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. It was close though with running back Trent Richardson being the runner-up.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whose primary needs this offseason are cornerback, wide receiver and linebacker, are now on the clock. Use the poll below to make your selection and leave us a comment with some sort of explanation for your choice. We just might use yours as the “analysis” in our draft table.

Speaking of the “draft table”, don’t forget to check out the “Community Mock” page to see the prior picks in the draft!

Stemming from an October 21st fight in his home, Chris Cook will soon stand trial for charges of domestic assault and third-degree assault, both of which are felonies.

The charges stem from an incident in which Cook allegedly assaulted, and then tried to strangle, a 21 year old woman believed to be his girlfriend at the time.  Cook’s attorney is expected to use the self defense argument, and also try to play up the idea that the woman in question recanted the strangulation accusations late in 2011.

Right now, it is unknown whether or not the woman will testify in court.

One more step in the process should be completed on Monday, as it is expected that his jury will be selected in Hennepin County.

The last time Cook appeared in court he appeared very clean cut, having rid himself of the long dread locks, and attributed the new look to a “lifestyle change.”

It is believed that Cook’s future as a Viking, or as an NFL player in general, is tied directly to the outcome of this court case.

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