Friday, June 23, 2017

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Michael Floyd Tested Positive for Alcohol
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Michael Floyd’s tenure with the Minnesota Vikings could be short-lived. According to the celebrity news website TMZ, the veteran wide receiver tested positive for alcohol while under house arrest on June 11 and 12.

TMZ Sports reports Floyd’s alcohol monitoring system flagged authorities to five events, each of which was labeled as a “high alcohol test.” The news comes in the midst of what is supposed to be Floyd’s career redemption; the Minnesota native had seemingly put his December DUI in the past, signing a one-year, $1.5 million contract with his hometown Vikings last month.

Following the announcement in May, Floyd spoke to our own BJ Reidell about the opportunity ahead and the chance to start anew:

“Everybody makes mistakes. Obviously, there are a lot of people that doubt you, think you’re a bad guy; everyone has their own opinion. It’s really the people who actually know you and really know who you are [who matter].”

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Recap Of Vikings Minicamp – Day 3

The Minnesota Vikings wrapped up their three-day Minicamp Thursday. The team’s one-hour practice included individual drills, situational training, and more red zone work.

A very “cordial” Mike Zimmer seemed happy with the current state of the team. It should be noted, however, that the head coach may have been in good mood because of some news he received from his doctor.

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Purple FTW! Podcast: WARNING: @VikingsGraphics Content Ahead (ep. 377) | 1500 ESPN

Mandatory Mini-Camp is winding down for the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings and the only legit break in the NFL calendar is just on the horizon. But fortunately (unfortunately?) there’s never a shortage of interesting events to talk about with the Purple and we rounded up a few today to take you into the weekend. Hopefully one with less hail this time around.

Today’s Talkers Include:
• Randy Moss & Ahmad Rashad into the Ring of Honor in 2017
• Kelly Kleine Promoted to College Scouting Coordinator
• Mandatory Mandatory Mini-Camp Talkers
• I’m Not Giving Up on TJ Clemmings (Yet)
• Interview with Taylor Grosfield, Instagram Legend @VikingsGraphics
• Clip of Chat with Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) of Dynasty League Football on Dalvin Cook

All that and more “PLEASE no arrests before Training Camp” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

A Carlson Digital Joint

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Episode 74

Graphic designed by Brett Anderson

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald take a deeper look at Jerick McKinnon’s 15-pound bulk-up, discuss Mike Zimmer’s preaching situational football during mandatory Minnesota Vikings Mini Camp, begin to wonder if an Edmond Robinson emergence is truly in the works, rank the NFC North’s linebacking units and field a pair of outstanding Twitter Takes on hypothetical trade scenarios and red-zone personnel packages. And finally, the guys breakdown the worst Halloween candy they received in a comic relief edition of the Take 5 offseason closer.


  1. Intro: The Agenda (0:00)
  2. Bulk Up: Can Jet realistically compete with Cook and Murray? (1:04)
  3. Pro Zimmer Focus: Situational Football & 2016 Situational Fails (9:02)
  4. Edmond Emergence: Just a Mini Camp Hero or Foreshadowing? (16:02)
  5. NFC North Rankings: Linebacker (21:08)
  6. Fitz &Tantrums: ‘Trade You’d Like to See in 2017’ – via @VikingKing888 (28:19)
  7. Perfect Personnel: ‘3rd&Goal; 8 Yards Out; Empty Backfield Set’ – via @StevePa27 (32:37)
  8. Take 5: Worst Halloween Candy (38:11)
  9. Sign-Out: Which Halloween Candy Do You Hate? Let Us Know (44:44)

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