Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Minnesota has had an interesting offseason so far in which we have seen a number of free agents leave for new teams, a pair of tackles highlight Rick Spielman’s hauls, a fair share of disappointments, and the (presumed) end of two very great Viking careers.

With that being said, the Vikings roster is far from complete, and our Question of the Week is a simple one today:

Who is your favorite free agent target still available that you want the Vikings to pursue?

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Power Rangers Prize Giveaway
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If you’re a “90s kid” like me, you undoubtedly spent Saturday mornings eating cereal and watching the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on TV. There was nothing better than cheering on the group of martial arts experts as they kicked, punched, and karate-chopped their way through hordes of alien invaders.

I look back on my memory of the Power Rangers fondly. The team of superpowered high schoolers inspired many action figure purchases, movie viewings, and mock fights with my friends; all of us wanted to be the Power Rangers and discover our set of extraterrestrial abilities.

So when I first saw the trailer for Saban’s Power Rangers, a reboot of my beloved childhood franchise, I was instantly transported back to Angel Grove High School and the Rangers’ many battles with Rita Repulsa. Time and technology have changed the team’s look and feel, but there’s no denying that classic color scheme of red, blue, pink, black, and yellow.

The Road to 50 — About the Labor: Episode 50 (!!!!!)

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ signings of Latavius Murray and Datone Jones, re-signing Adam Thielen and Terence Newman, the team’s six remaining internal free agents, the departures of Jeff Locke, Cordarrelle Patterson and Andre Smith and plenty more on Episode 50 (!) of About the Labor.


  • The New Guys: Reviewing free-agent signings of EDGE Datone Jones and RB Latavius Murray
  • The Old Guys: Discussing the re-upped contracts of WR Adam Thielen and CB Terence Newman
  • The Exodus: Thoughts on the departures of P Jeff Locke, WR Cordarrelle Patterson and OT Andre Smith
  • The Other Stuff: Hashing over the Minnesota Vikings’ six remaining internal free agents

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Minnesota Vikings Free Agency

General manager Rick Spielman and the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have been spending in free agency like there’s No Limit (not really, but anytime we can shoehorn in Master P references, we do it). We run through all the free agency goings on with the Purple People Eaters and pontificate on how the moves affect the draft and the outlook on 2017.

Today’s “Bye, Adrian” Talkers Include:
• Latavius Murray (Finally) Signed
• What Does This Mean For Adrian Peterson and Jerick McKinnon
• Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers are Bookend Tackles (Maybe)
• Vikings Who Are Now Former Vikings
• Adam Thielen Got His Extension
• Terence Newman Back in the Mix
• Datone Jones Brings some DL Depth
• Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater’s 5th Year Options
• Vikings Who Have an Opportunity to Step Up Post FA
• Vikings Cap Space Situation

All that and more “Everyone is on one-year deals if you think about it” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An AMG Production

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The Minnesota Vikings were in search of a “Thunder” style running back to pair with the “Lightning” that is Jerick McKinnon.

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman noticed and acted.

Early Thursday morning (or late Wednesday night), the Minnesota Vikings announced they signed former Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray.

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