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Jared Allen has said that the surgery to repair his torn labrum, which we already knew about, was the first surgery he’s had during his entire professional career.  In fact, he said it was the first surgery he’s had since getting his tonsils out at the age of five.

According to Tom Pelissero, however, Allen got two surgeries done on the same day.

In addition to the torn labrum, Allen had a “minor” knee issue taken care of on the same day, and is expected to be ready for June’s minicamp.

Allen will be 31 years old in a couple of days and is entering the final year of his contract.  He is set to make a base salary of $14.28 million, with a cap hit of $17.06 million, and these facts have led some to wonder if Allen could be a candidate for a contract extension or even as a trade possibility.

The free agent market this offseason has been flooded with big name veteran pass rushers, and the Draft is very talented and deep in this area, so it seems highly unlikely the Vikings would find any offers of interest on the trade market.

Allen’s age and injuries, as well as the overabundant market, may cause the Vikings to balk at the idea of giving Allen any sort of lucrative extension.  An extension would surely mean they have to invest more guaranteed money into Allen, or else he would have little motivation to sign it, and the Vikings may just not feel comfortable with the idea of making such a commitment.

The idea of convincing Allen to take any sort of pay cut is laughable, considering the only reason he is a Viking in the first place was the stubborn stance he took with the Chiefs after they applied the franchise tag to him so many years ago, and he would surely have all the leverage in this situation, as well.

With Everson Griffen and Brian Robison still on the team, the Vikings could theoretically decide to release Allen and begin the process of developing younger talent, but I just don’t see that happening despite the salary cap benefits that would result in the move.  Allen is a beloved figure in Minnesota and his dip in productivity last season has, by many, been attributed to his shoulder issue.

Don’t be surprised if Allen plays out his current contract, under his current salary, and then decides to test the market in 2014 when maybe defensive end options won’t be as plentiful for needy teams.

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Jared Allen, as per usual, stayed away from the organized team activities earlier this offseason.  He did, however, show up for the mandatory minicamp that got underway on Tuesday.

Now that he is back and talking to reporters, it is clear that Allen still has the taste of “sack record” in his mouth and is hungry to give it another shot.

“Absolutely (it’s a goal),” said Allen on Tuesday.  “Before you get that close, you’re not really sure if it’s attainable. You always think it is because you always think, ‘If someone did it, I can do it.’ But being right there and actually leaving some stuff on the field … they took the one away in Green Bay and made it a team sack and there were a couple in my arms I didn’t get and there were the ones where I was that close. At the end of the year, I was kind of bummed out. Now I’m 23 away versus one away. But when you start working out again, it’s motivation. It’s, ‘How can I push myself just a little farther?’ I always think it comes down to conditioning. Maybe if I take one more step, or one this, this, that. So you go back and watch film and you try to correct technique and use it as motivation. It’s always a personal goal, and if I’m fortunate enough and blessed enough to break it one day, I’m going to try to break it again. It’s always a personal goal, but personal goals never get in the way of team goals.  Our ultimate goal is to win a (Super Bowl) championship. Otherwise, there’s no point in playing the game.”

Allen spoke to Bob Sansevere about the topic of the sack record in greater detail, and you can read the rest of the transcript by clicking here.

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A couple days ago, Jared Allen beat Cowboy Demarcus Ware in the first round of the EA Madden Cover Vote Contest. For those that aren’t familiar, every year (or for the last couple years at least), ESPN hosts a contest to see who will get to be on the cover of that year’s Madden game. Stud players across the NFL are pitted against each other in a bracket-style tournament. This week, Allen faces of against New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Now, I should say that I am not a superstitious person. Not in the slightest sense. But, when going through the different matches and voting for who I think should win, I hesitate when I get to Jared Allen’s match-up. Do I really want to subject our all-pro defensive end to the “Madden Curse”? Do I really want to risk it?

You see, in my eyes, the Madden Curse isn’t a myth… It is real and it is scary. This article by Bleacher Report does a great job of outlining the history of the Madden Curse and it’s “victims.” I understand that it’s an invalid argument to suggest that simply being on the cover of a game could cause an injury or a drop in production… But still, there’s just part of me that is hesitant to risk it.

Head over to ESPN to cast your vote in the contest. Whether you vote for or against our favorite defensive end is entirely up to you!

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The results are in for the AP’s All-Pro voting and it should come as no surprise that defensive end Jared Allen is the only representative from Minnesota to make the team.

Allen was a nearly unanimous choice with 49 votes.

The only other Viking to get receive a vote was center John Sullivan.  He received one vote.

The full listing of the voting results can be found by clicking here.

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I personally find it a bit odd that the Pro Bowl roster is determined when there is one full week of football left to be played, but never-the-less it is done that way, and today the results were announced.

With Adrian Peterson’s various injuries derailing the second half of his season, Jared Allen is the lone Viking to make the Pro Bowl roster this season.

Jared Allen bested himself this season and enters the final week with a league high 18.5 sacks.  Allen also has 61 tackles, a safety, three defended passes, an interception, and four forced fumbles to his name this season.  This is his fourth Pro Bowl selection in eight NFL seasons.

It is possible that more Vikings end up playing in the game as alternates, but at this point I can’t think of anyone besides Percy Harvin that may be worthy of being named an alternate.

You can see the entire Pro Bowl roster by clicking here.

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