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I have seen plenty of comments around the internet following Sunday’s game that indicate the “close” nature of many 2011 Vikings losses has led a number of fans to believe this team is better than their 2-11 record indicates.

If they are better than that, they sure have a funny way of proving it.

There is no doubt that there were a number of positive things to take away from Sunday’s loss in Detroit.  Jared Allen notched three sacks and is having the best season of his career with 17.5 sacks through 13 games.  Joe Webb performed well as a replacement for the benched Christian Ponder, running with ease and seemingly showing improvement as a passer.  Percy Harvin had 109 yards from scrimmage, a touchdown, and a 47 yard kickoff return.  Toby Gerhart ran for 90 yards and showed competence as a receiving back, especially on his two yard score.  Heck, even Benny Sapp looked good at times.

Then we must look at the bad.  And, boy, was there ever some bad stuff to look at.

Christian Ponder was benched after throwing three picks and fumbling twice, and two of those turnovers were defensive scores for the Lions.  Cedric Griffin was benched after being torched for a touchdown by rookie Titus Young.  Lorenzo Booker fumbled the ball twice, despite only touching it three times.  Rookies Mistral Raymond and Stephen Burton exited with injuries.  Left tackle Charlie Johnson gave up a few big plays, while right tackle Phil Loadholt never seemed even capable of making a play of his own.  Four sacks were given up for 43 yards.  Asher Allen and any of our various safeties were constantly out of position.  Meanwhile, both of the Henderson brothers were nearly invisible.

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it, there was a very interesting non-call on the final play of the game.

“For me to come in and blame it on a facemask — we had way, way, way worse things go wrong in that game,” Percy Harvin said after the game.

I have to agree. 

Until the Vikings show they are capable of winning games on their own merits, nobody should be claiming they are losing them because of anyone other than themselves.

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Last year, the Vikings mourned their lost season during the closing weeks by pillaging the practice squads of other teams and adding players to their roster.

This year the end came even sooner and the funeral procession again is marked by a flurry of low level roster moves.

On Tuesday, the Vikings added safety Jarrad Page, safety Andrew Sendejo, wide receiver Stephen Burton, and long snapper Matt Katula to their 53 man roster.  Room was created on the roster by placing receiver Michael Jenkins, safety Tyrell Johnson, safety Husain Abdullah, and long snapper Cullen Loeffler on the injured reserve.

Katula’s signing, barring another injury, should ensure that Jared Allen is not again called upon to pull double duty as a long snapper this season.  Burton was cut by the Vikings last week but is being brought back to his limited role in this Vikings offense.

Perhaps the most intriguing of these moves is the signing of Page.  He has been a solid contributor in the past for both the Chiefs and Patriots.  Last year, he missed six weeks with injury and hasn’t been the same sense as evidenced by the Eagles recently cutting him.

Page was curiously cut by the Eagles after he was named as one of many NFL players at a night club where a man was shot and killed.  To date, there is nothing to suggest Page was in any way involved in the incident.

With the Vikings desperately needing some help in their secondary, both in the short and long term, it probably isn’t a bad idea to bring this guy in and see how he fits.

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It’s pretty difficult to stay positive when your team is 2-8. You become a pessimist about everything: every decision the Vikings make is the wrong one, the team won’t be a competitor again in the championship race for years, management needs to be wiped out and rebuilt from the ground up, the team will never get a stadium built in Minnesota, and so on… Let’s be honest, lately, any news involving our beloved Minnesota Vikings has been bleak – at best.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving is a holiday where we pause from the hectic in-and-out of daily life (or in this case the ‘doom-and-gloom’ of being a Vikings fan) and take a moment to be thankful for everything we have. That is why I propose for one day, one day, we stop and acknowledge the good in this team and try to bring a little happiness back into our dark, cynical Vikings existence.

1. The Best Running Back In The NFL

Alright, let’s get the obvious out of the way. The Minnesota Vikings have the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson. There really is no debate about it. I could pull out stats, facts, etc… to further solidify this claim but, let’s be honest, there really isn’t a whole lot of contention over it. There used to be the whole AP vs. Chris Johnson thing, but considering CJ0K’s incredibly lackluster season this year, who else is there? It is a great feeling knowing that we have a guaranteed ground threat with Peterson in the backfield – regardless of how many people our opponent stacks in the box. Even this year, behind arguably one of the worst offensive lines in the league, he has held the spot for most rushing yards for multiple weeks. (Just imagine if #28 was lined up behind a great offensive line!) Peterson is a hard-working, team player who consistently leaves jaws dropped with his powerful, hard-nosed running style and I, for one, am thankful to have him be a member of our team.

2. A High Draft Pick

One of the great things that comes with having such a horrible season is the prospect of having an offseason in which great improvements to the team are made. And one of the primary ways these enhancements generally happen is through the draft. With a 2-8 record, the Vikings are almost a lock for a top 5 position in the 2012 NFL draft. I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve already made it a habit of reading about one mock draft a day. I am thankful that, this offseason, there will be ample opportunity for significant improvements to be made to our team.

3. Young Talent

Sure, our young, rookie quarterback, Christian Ponder has had a rough past two games. And, yeah, he’s made some questionable decisions to force the ball into spots that resulted in interceptions. He’s also been behind an offensive line though that literally gives him less than a second to make said decisions. I personally believe that Ponder is the Vikings’ quarterback of the future. He has shown glimpses of being great, is an exceptional (on and off-the-field) leader and an intelligent young man who seems to have his head on straight. The Vikings also have promising young talent in their rookie tight end, Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph has all of the physical traits of being a great tight end and has made some wonderful catches this season. The prospect of hearing “Ponder to Rudolph for a touchdown” for years to come is something I am thankful for.
4. The Vikings’ Secondary

The Vikings’ secondary has been one of the few highlights… Yeah…


4. Jared Allen

This year, Jared Allen has reemerged as one of the best (if not the best) defensive ends in football. He currently has 13.5 sacks this season and is only half a sack behind Demarcus Ware from leading the NFL. (Note: Allen has been leading the NFL in sacks most of the season up until this last week.) Simply stated, Allen is a beast. We all thought he lost his mojo last season as a result of losing his trademark mullet. As it turns out though, Allen is very much alive and I am very thankful he is on our team and in the nightmares of NFL quarterbacks.

See everyone!? Things aren’t as bad as they seem. Nevermind the fact that I had to brainstorm for ten minutes and only came away with four things to be thankful for!

All jokes aside, though – have a great Thanksgiving and try to enjoy the game this weekend. (The season is almost over for us.)

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In the backwards race to obtain the top pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Vikings could have made some headway with a loss provided that the St. Louis Rams shocked the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Instead, they beat the Carolina Panthers after enough things happened to go their way, some of which they deserve credit for and some of which they don’t.  A missed field goal by Olindo Mare at the end of regulation ensured the Vikings’ victory.

The game started out with Marcus Sherels showing some skills with a 78 yards kick return.  A three and out, combined with a missed Ryan Longwell field goal, meant the Vikings were unable to capitalize on a great situation.

Once The Panthers had the ball, however, E.J. Henderson was able to blitz rookie sensation Cam Newton and knock the ball from his hands.  The fumble was recovered by Jared Allen and Bill Musgrave opened up the “Percy” chapter in his playbook, which resulted in a 10 yard touchdown run by Harvin.

In the second quarter the Panthers, like so many of the Vikings opponents, took advantage of the defense’s inability to cover tight ends.  Newton threw a one yard touchdown to Jeremy Shockey and a 39 yard touchdown to Greg Olsen.

After Percy Harvin caught a third down pass inside the Panthers’ five yard line he had the ball stripped from his hands and the Panthers started driving, threatening to go up by two scores before halftime.  That is when the league’s most dominant defensive player thus far, Jared Allen, went to work.  Jared Allen beat pro bowl caliber left tackle Jordan Gross and was able to knock the ball out of Newton’s hand which was recovered by Chad Greenway.

Just before the half, Christian Ponder tossed a 19 yard screen to Adrian Peterson for the game tying touchdown.

In the third quarter each team managed a touchdown.  Steve Smith, who abused Asher Allen all day long, nabbed a 22 yard touchdown.  Adrian Peterson responded with a nine yard power run that will instantly become a mainstay in his highlight reel.  Ryan Longwell’s fourth quarter field goal was the final score of the game and the Vikings were able to get the first win ever in Carolina.

There was plenty of disgusting football for fans of both teams to digest on Sunday, and the Vikings clearly need help in the secondary and along the offensive line, but it is hard not to come away from this one talking about some positives.

Christian Ponder made no big mistakes.  He was 18 of 28 for 236 yards and a touchdown, and absolutely incredible on third downs.  Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin continued to be contributors, while new additions like Kyle Rudolph and Michael Jenkins keep showing up at key times. 

On defense, Jared Allen has been a beast which continued on Sunday.  Erin Henderson was another defender that stood out.  They lacked consistency as a whole unit, particularly when the offense gave them short breaks, but came up big at key moments on a number of occasions.

Leslie Frazier did not have his best performance of the season, but some great performances combined with a little luck, means Frazier should get to go into the bye week focused on how to beat Green Bay instead of answering questions about his questionable management of the challenge flag.

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