Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Last year, we looked at what the consensus of the scouting community had to say when it came to which players were the best prospects in the NFL draft. That look alone gave us a lot of tools, which meant not only could we have a unique way to “grade” drafts, take a look at which teams were off-the-wall, and which evaluators were best at “predicting” the NFL draft.

The Huddle Report has a similar competition, grading mock drafts as well as top 100s. Draft Board Guru won their competition—their top 100 had the most players actually selected in the top 100. We’ll take a look at other ways to grade that process in a little bit as well.

We’ll take a look at last year’s results, then follow it with a preview of this year’s board. If you want to skip to this year’s board, click here.

Shaq Thompson Scouting Report
[Editor’s note: This is another installment in a series we will be running at Vikings Territory providing scouting reports for players the Vikings could potentially target in the 2015 Draft. All scouting reports are provided in partnership with Luke Inman and You can find all of our previous scouting reports here. Continue reading below to learn more about Shaq Thompson, the versatile, hybrid linebacker from the University of Washington.]

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Virginia safety Anthony Harris was a productive three year starter for the Cavilers who is currently recovering from off-season shoulder surgery. Harris missed the Senior Bowl, was held out of his pro-day, and only ran the forty at the combine (4.56). The injury and the lack of pre-draft workouts has caused his draft stock to slip.

Harris had a pre-draft visit with the Vikings, so it’s safe to say they have enough interest in him to at least engage in the “do-diligence” process with the former All-American and All-ACC standout.

A talented safety like Harris falling to the mid to late rounds might to be a welcomed gift for the Minnesota Vikings secondary.

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Listen up, Vikings fans, we have some big programming news for you all!

The entire team here at Vikings Territory plans on hosting each of you, your siblings, your parents, your friends, your pets, and even your weird uncle with the tinted glasses on Draft Weekend 2015. So, pretty please, plan on making us your one-stop shop for all the latest Draft news during all three days of the event.

Here is what we have to offer:


We plan on having a page with an amazing amount of content. If you liked Arif Hasan’s 2015 Free Agency Live Blog, then you are going to love what this page has to offer. With a sort-by-round feature, Austin Belisle will be manning this Live Blog on each day, through each round, covering every single pick of the 2015 NFL Draft. The entire VT team will be working to feed Austin with all of the latest news, bits of interest, and rumors as it is our goal to make sure his fingers are bleeding by Saturday. Each of the features listed below will also be accessible from this page.


Our own Lindsey Young has a seat waiting with her name on it in the Winter Park media room this year. She’ll be as close to the War Room as any of us are allowed to get and providing us with all of the necessary updates as they become available. Lindsey’s Twitter account will be a must-follow during Draft Weekend, and we’ve integrated her tweets into the design of the Live Blog page for easy viewing. This ensures that VT readers will be the first Vikings fans to get the latest quotes and info offered up by the organization’s decision-makers, as well as the newest members of the team.


This will be uncharted territory for us, as Andy Carlson plans on getting live reactions out of the Vikings Territory staff, as well as a bevy of other guests. The Purple For The Win! Podcast will be streaming live so that you can get the “pain and pleasure” delivered to you in real time with each Vikings selection. The plan includes over five hours of live coverage throughout Draft Weekend which is sure to include plenty of shenanigans.


Arif Hasan is currently working on a consensus big board that will include every bit as many expert takes and as much thorough research as you would expect out of him. The Big Board will be updated in real-time, with players being eliminated as they are selected, throughout the weekend. This will allow even the most casual of draft observers to be informed about what is coming next. This board will be unveiled soon and you’ll be able to follow along with the updates right on the Live Blog page.


While the Live Blog page will surely be the center of attention, we will also have the thorough and complete coverage of the Vikings Draft Weekend moves right here on our main page. We’ll have any breaking news and rumors, plenty of analysis on trades and picks, and lots of polls allowing you to weigh in on each decision Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer make.

We hope that we’ve lined up enough features to make us your preferred destination for all your Vikings information on Draft Weekend. We’ll all be working very hard to make sure you don’t regret that decision and can’t wait to hear from each of you about how much you love or hate each Vikings decision.

Oh, and let us know if you have any other ideas we should consider during the big weekend, we are all ears!

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