Sunday, November 29, 2015

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I’ve consolidated a list of people you can expect to livetweet training camp, so it should be easier to follow along here if you don’t have a twitter account to get up to date with the comings and goings of camp.

Hopefully this should make for an easy follow.

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Shortly after the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason win against the Oakland Raiders, Linval Joseph was struck by a stray bullet in 400 Soundbar in downtown Minneapolis, per the team. The bullet “grazed” his calf, and the team is characterizing it as “minor”. The team released the following statement:

“The entire Vikings organization is extremely thankful that Linval was not seriously hurt, and our thoughts are with all of the victims of this shooting. The team will defer any further comment to the Minneapolis Police Department during its ongoing investigation.”

Linval was taken immediately to a hospital, where he was treated and released. He is expected to return to the team this week.

According to the Pioneer Press, several people were involved in the incident though the police believe there is only one shooter. Police were called over at 1:50 AM, and among the several people who suffered gunshot wounds, two are in critical condition but expected to survive.

The police will hold a press conference shortly.

UPDATE: According to Ben Goessling, we can expect to see him in games within two weeks.


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I mentioned briefly the other day that missing in Norv Turner’s faith in Teddy Bridgewater in part was some glossing over of some real issues that have cropped up in training camp, though likely not major issues in the long run unless they persist. In particular, high throws in camp have made catches difficult for receivers and have cut down on yards-after-catch opportunities while marginally increasing the likelihood of tipped receptions and so on.

Those who have been following the Twitter play-by-play of Vikings camp have noticed that there are a number of throws, nearly every day, that could be characterized as “high” or “worrisome” because of ball placement. It would be easy to dismiss them as the minority of passes—after all, Norv has logged over 150 passes for each of his quarterbacks in 11-on-11 drills alone—but it has been consistent enough to be noteworthy in my mind.

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After two weeks in Mankato, Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer is ready to face a real opponent. “We just want to go out and play and it’s going to give us a good judge of where we’re at,” Zimmer said in a press conference Wednesday morning.

The Vikings will open the 2014 preseason against the Oakland Raiders Friday night at TCF Banks Stadium.

While training camp practices have been light and mostly in helmet, shells and shorts, facing off against the Raiders will provide a prime opportunity to see how players react in the heat of a game situation. For the 10 rookie draft picks selected by the Vikings in May, it will mark their first chance to put their talent on tape in a full contact NFL contest.

The Vikings have waived tight end AC Leonard, signalling in all likelihood that his final battery of tests indicated something negative about whatever was causing his headache(s), though likely not bad enough to attached the waived/injured designation on him. If the injury was the sole reason for his being waived from the roster, then he would have a case to force an injury agreement with the team (those agreements typically waive any salary if he plays for a team before a designated recovery period by an agreed-upon doctor between a team and an agent).


It is at least interesting that the Vikings didn’t attach an “injured” designation, because that’s the purported reason he didn’t see the field for the Vikings. He left practice early last week with a headache and had to undergo a number of tests with the team to see the field again. When asked on Monday about Leonard, Zimmer said “He’s got a test today and a test tomorrow. We’ll kind of see where it’s at. We’ll see. We have to put him through all these tests. He seems fine, but you know.”

Yesterday, he talked to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, and though he said he’d “rather not talk about it,” he anticipated returning to the field soon.

Since his release, I’ve been told that he had persistent headache issues at Tennessee State that kept him out of practices, though he would still play in games. Teammates and others have speculated that these are related to a condition giving him migraines, and have been a worry that—coupled with off-field concerns related to a domestic violence charge against his live-in girlfriend—kept him out of the draft entirely.

While on the practice field for a limited time with the Vikings, Leonard flashed a silky running style that hid surprising explosiveness and sometimes shockingly refined route-running, as well as an understanding of how much surface area to expose to contact at the line. He had inconsistent hands, but from an on-field perspective, that weakness would likely have been well worth a look for a third tight end.

Should the Vikings have a backup option at tight end, either on the roster in Mike Higgins, Chase Ford or Allen Reisner, or on the waiver wire, this move will have a little more context. For now, we can only speculate over whether or not the Vikings waived AC Leonard with a backup in mind, and if off-field concerns played a part.

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