Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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(photo courtesy of Vikings.com)

In addition to once again vying for Rookie of the Week honors, Eric Kendricks has been named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month. During October, he tallied 20 tackles and four sacks in just three games.

Vikings fans were excited when Kendricks came in to Minnesota, and rightly so. The rookie looked impressive to start, and over the past couple of weeks he has solidified himself as an integral role in the Vikings’ defense. With Gerald Hodges now in San Francisco and Chad Greenway seeing fewer snaps this season, Kendricks is gaining more and more time on the field. You wouldn’t guess him to be a rookie, the way he has been performing lately.

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(photo courtesy of Vikings.com)

Adam: Chad Greenway’s 91-yard interception return
It isn’t like other plays didn’t spring to mind, especially Stefon Diggs’ recent awesomeness in Detroit, but I have to go with Chad Greenway’s 91-yard interception return for a touchdown, which sparked a victory against San Diego. Not only was I happy to see Greenway get one more Grade-A highlight reel addition before his career in Minnesota ends, but I loved the team effort and excitement that helped him get there. It wasn’t as flashy as a number of other plays we’ve seen this year, but so far it is certainly my favorite.

Carl: Stefon Diggs’ TD reception in Detroit
The rookie receiver dazzled again on Sunday against the Lions with his lightning-quick breaks and sharp route running. The Vikings wideouts have only caught two touchdowns through six games, making Diggs’ scoring effort all the more appealing. Diggs completely froze 13-year veteran cornerback Rashean Mathis on a strikingly handsome double move and topped it off by laying out over the goal line to secure a ridiculous 36-yard diving reception.

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More like the "Dead Zone"

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

The NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone channel is the greatest invention since, well…American football. It takes everything we love about Sunday football — touchdowns, highlights, big plays — and condenses it into one continuous stream so that fans don’t miss any of the action.

Tom Brady threw a touchdown to Rob Gronkowski in the corner of the end zone? Red Zone shows you the play. The Browns fumbled the ball on fourth-and-one from the five? Red Zone takes you straight to the action. The Minnesota Vikings…kick another field goal? Unfortunately, Red Zone cuts to Blair Walsh, kicking yet another field goal from within an opponents’ 20 yard-line.

In most cases, you want the station to cut your team in the red zone — it’s the land of golden opportunity on the gridiron, the area of the field that puts tremendous stress on opposing defenses. But as a Vikings fan, it’s more “Dead Zone” than any of those analogies. Even with a historically successful red zone running back and efficient quarterback, these 2015 Minnesota Vikings are struggling to put points on the board from the 20-in.

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Bacon, red meat and all processed meats cause cancer now. Don’t care.

What I DO care about is a long-form podcast talking Vikings and other Minnesota sports with Tom Schreier of Cold Omaha (with Di out sick this week). I chew the (bacon) fat with Tom about the outlook of the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings, why the Stefon Diggs-vs-Odell Beckham Jr will be a debate soon, a remembrance of the late Flip Saunders, a beat writer’s take on Torii Hunter, and why the Vikings need to BRING BROCK VEREEN ON THE ACTIVE ROSTER AND START HIM OPPOSITE OF HARRISON.

Warning: This episode is primarily Vikings based but we venture off quite a bit into Wolves and Twins.

All that and other “We started Jim Bob Cooter” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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