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[NOTE: I had asked Justin to do a Fantasy Outlook for the Minnesota Vikings, and unfortunately shrifted him by asking him to do it right before the draft, so it doesn’t include Teddy Bridgewater as an option. As it stands, Bridgewater is expected to sit for a bit this season, so it shouldn’t affect the piece at all]

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The Minnesota Vikings have been Adrian Peterson or bust when it has come to fantasy football. Sure, there have been flirtations with other studs like Sidney Rice or Percy Harvin, while none of us can forget that one magical season when Brett Favre went nuts.

But for the most part, Rice and Harvin went down in flames of injury, while Peterson was left shouldering the load. Year after year it was just “All Day” and fantasy owners knew he was a lock for top end production. That made him a top-three pick, if not the consensus number one pick in fantasy drafts on a yearly basis.

This season might be different. Don’t think for a second Peterson’s value is taking a hit. No, despite dealing with some nagging injuries, the 29-year old feature back is still a complete freak and should be every bit worth the top-three pick you’ll need to spend to land him.

But for the first time in a while, there’s going to be more than just Peterson to be excited about with new offensive coordinator Norv Turner bringing a vertical system into the offense. That means taking advantage of the speed they have at wide receiver, utilizing a previously under-utilized tight end and opening things up more than ever for an already elite ground game.

For a proper breakdown, let’s take a look at each player and see how or why they’ll be worth a look in 2014 fantasy football drafts:


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At some point, you’re all going to get sick of how much I trust some insiders. But I operate in that way, and I feel like I can filter out information that feels smokescreen-y, even if I don’t attempt to do much of that in the rumor roundups I occasionally post.

Today, there’s more drama from the 2014 NFL Draft.

Albert Breer, who spent all his time covering the draft hunkered down with the Vikings, fully published his “insider look” at the Vikings draft process, and what the Vikings went through in order to get Teddy Bridgewater.


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Per Mike Freeman at the Bleacher Report, the Vikings have been looking for ways to part with premier running back Adrian Peterson:

The Vikings are looking for ways to part with superstar runner Adrian Peterson sooner rather than later. Peterson is 29 and when backs hit 30, their production usually drops off precipitously. Backs age in dog years, and despite Peterson’s adamantium bone structure, he isn’t impervious to aging. The contract situation is also brutal. Peterson will receive a base salary of $11.75 million in 2014, then $12.75 million in 2015. In 2017, it will climb to $15.75 million.

That is simply an impossible salary structure to pay a player in today’s game, where the running back position has been greatly devalued.

“My person opinion,” said one AFC general manager, “is this (coming) season will be Peterson’s last with the Vikings. Despite the cap hit, they’ll make some sort of move to get him off the roster.”

Potshots at the Bleacher Report aside (they’re not what they were three years ago), I trust Mike Freeman, though I’ve found him slightly more prone to “lying season” than other, more reliable, insiders. That said, I think this is the truth.


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Nothing special or outstanding about this post. Just a place for Teddy Bridgewater highlight videos, including some interesting takes from around the internet before and after Bridgewater’s selection by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL Draft.

It’s a cheap way to get you to come to this website, but let’s not pretend we don’t both love it.



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Vikings legend Scott Studwell announced today that he is stepping down as the Vikings Director of College Scouting, but not leaving the Vikings. He wants to spend more time with his family and cut down on the extensive travel time associated with scouting players across the country, but will continue to remain “a big part of the draft process,” according to Sid Hartman at the Star Tribune.

Instead, Jamaal Stephenson—NFC scout of the year of 2012 and former Assistant Director of College Scouting—will step up in his place. Stephenson has previously worked with Norv Turner when they were both with the Washington Redskins as a scouting assistant (along with Charlie Casserly). He was a part of the team when they made the famous 1999 trade with the New Orleans Saints that netted the Redskins two first-round picks, two third-round picks, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and a seventh. The Saints got Ricky Williams. The Redskins used a lot of those picks as trade assets, and ended up with Champ Bailey and LaVar Arrington, as well as a number of other useful starters.


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