Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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The team here at VT is a long ways from being finished spouting off our opinions about the 2015 NFL Draft and the Minnesota Vikings. Tonight, however, I want to hear from you on all of the hot button issues facing the Vikings with only hours remaining before Round One kicks off.

Take the polls and let your feelings be known in the comments section. After all, there’s not much time left to sneak in those last minute opinions and predictions!


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mock draft roundup
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I’ve gathered boards from 43 different rankers (Kiper was a late addition), 13 of them “Big Draft” media types and the other 30 as amateur evaluators. I’ve also updated the big boards from CBS, Matt Miller and NFL.com as well as a few others, but for the most part rankings haven’t changed since the last time I’ve posted them.

To go over the process again, you can click here. It describes how the board is built, and how we come up with the different categories, like “most polarizing player,” “biggest disagreements” and so on. As a quick summary, we’ve separated the rankings into two big boards: “forecasters” and “evaluators.”

Forecasters are primarily in the business of predicting how the draft will go (or, more accurately, their big boards tend to do that) in large part because of their access to information the NFL has, which can be good and bad—critical information like the nature of off-field issues and injuries are incorporated, but so are the lies teams feed the media.

Evaluators rely more on the data they can acquire from game tape (when available), the broadcast angle of games and publicly available quantitative information, like combine measureables and statistics. Many will rely on media reports, but recognize the limitations of that when applying injury or character information.


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Well, the moment is upon us. We have a lot of fun stuff lined up for you all on Draft Weekend, but I wasn’t going to let it all get started without doing an obligatory “Final Mock Draft.”

CLICK HERE for Adam’s final 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Here are a few predictions I am willing to make in advance of the Draft, and are reflected in my mock, that might be provide some good fodder for the comments section.

You're on the clock, Vikings fans

mock draft roundup
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Earlier today, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman addressed the media, offering a few insights into his plans for the 2015 NFL Draft. The usually cryptic Spielman left little to the imagination, making three points emphatically clear:

1. The 11th-overall pick is FOR SALE
2. The Vikings are not interested in an Adrian Peterson trade
3. Analytics = critical to 2015 draft planning

As mentioned in previous articles, and most recently by Ryan Boser, Spielman wants to accumulate nine or 10 total picks each year. With just seven in his pocket before the draft begins on Thursday, fans can expect Spielman to play an active role in early trade negotiations.

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The NFL Draft is ALMOST HERE, Vikings fans! *Takes a deep breathe* We’re joined by show favorite Luke Inman (@luke_spinman) of eDraft in the last few days to talk about any last second nuggets or draft developments that hasn’t already been beaten to death by the sports media (Mock Draft #78.9!) in this never ending lead up to the most exciting three days of the NFL Offseason.

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