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Because my first round mock draft was so successful (5 of 32, baby!), I thought it’d be a great idea to do a Day 2 Mock Draft. Really, this is just a fun exercise to see what players might be available when the Vikings are on the clock in rounds 2 and 3. Sort of an exhibit to an article I posted earlier today looking deeper at potential Vikings targets.

After selecting Trae Waynes in the first round, the Vikings biggest positions of need remain linebacker, safety, guard and maybe wide receiver. Luckily for us, there are so exceptional prospects still available and some are surely to fall.

Check out the full simulation of Round 2 below as well as a little bit of Round 3 until the Vikings are back on the clock.

Second Round

1 (33) Titans / T.J. Clemmings, OT – Pittsburgh
2 (34) Buccaneers / Jake Fisher, OT – Oregon
3 (35) Raiders / Owamagbe Odighizuw, Edge – UCLA
4 (36) Jaguars / Benardrick McKinney, ILB – Mississippi St.
5 (37) Jets / Brett Hundley, QB – UCLA

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Not everyone was a fan of the Minnesota Vikings selecting cornerback Trae Waynes with the 11th overall pick last night, but the readership here at VT weighed in on a poll last night and the results are mostly favorable.

In the poll below, with 392 votes placed as of this posting, 87% of our readers gave the selection either an “A” or “B” grade. Instant reactions are, of course, not an accurate reflection of how a player might actually produce in the NFL, but who doesn’t prefer a little optimism over sincere disappointment?


Lindsey has done a great job of getting the immediate reactions from Rick Spielman and Mize Zimmer at Winter Park, in addition to Waynes himself this afternoon, but I wanted to look outside of the team here at VT and see what kind of draft grades are floating about.

This is pretty much a random sampling of what people are saying about the selection.

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Following a football season overrun with off-the-field issues, it seemed appropriate that GM Rick Spielman would open Friday afternoon’s press conference with a story to demonstrate Trae Waynes’ strong character.

According to Spielman, his brother-in-law lives in Chicago and has a friend whose daughter underwent cleft palate surgery earlier this week. Prior to the surgery, Waynes spent time with the child, taking a picture holding the infant. Spielman said the following:

I know what he can do on the football field, I know what kind of family he comes from, and right now I know what kind of person he is. 

When Waynes took the podium for the first time as a Minnesota Viking, he also paid credit to his family and his upbringing.

“My parents were hard on me and my brother,” he said. “My dad was actually my guidance counselor. They kept us out of trouble and raised us right. I owe all that to them.”

Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer both reemphasized their excitement for having Waynes here in Minnesota and the impact he will have on the team. Zimmer said that it seems most all players with outstanding athletic ability play offense nowadays, so it can be tough to find really good CBs in the Draft. The coach believes Waynes is an exception to that rule, however.

“Trae has excellent ball skills, he’s a great competitor, big heart,” he said.

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Coverage of the 2015 NFL Draft continues here at Vikings Territory.

We want to thank everyone that made Vikings Territory their home yesterday during the first round. We also want to let you know that our coverage picks up today as the second round continues!

LIVE BLOG: Austin Belisle will continue to keep the Live Blog current with discussion and analysis about the latest picks. Austin’s fingers are bloodied from yesterday’s typing marathon but he has promised to work through the pain. Also on this page is a very active live chat, live tweets from Winter Park from Lindsey Young and Arif Hasan’s big board updated to-the-minute.

LIVE FROM WINTER PARK: Our own Lindsey Young is stationed at Winter Park with her ear pressed up against the War Room door. She is eager to bring you all of the latest updates regarding the Vikings and you can follow her on Twitter or keep track of her updates on the Live Blog page.

OPINION POSTS, POST-HASTE: Our stable of writers will be getting posts up about each selection soon after the pick has been made. We’ll also update with some opinion and analysis of the pick as well as polls soliciting draft grades from all of you.

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Trae Waynes Draft

The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft has come and gone. And though the Vikings were able to acquire the overall best cornerback in the draft, many Vikings fans were left wanting more. After all, General Manager Rick Spielman is legendary for his trade tactics. This year though, the Vikings stood pat in the first round and decided not to move down from the 11th overall pick, later citing a lack of trade value as their reasoning. Furthermore, the Vikings never moved back into the first round to make multiple selections, something most Vikings fans have become accustomed to. (The last time the Vikings didn’t make multiple selections in the first round was the 2011 draft.)

Something else most Vikings fans have become accustomed to? Not being an active being participant in the second round. Continually moving back into the first round prior years came at the cost of not having a second round selection. That’s not to say those decisions were wrong in anyway (they were pretty awesome more often than not, if I’m being candid), they just usually made Day 2 of the draft a little less interesting.

This year the Vikings currently hold the following Day 2 picks:

  • 2nd Round: 13th Selection, 45th Overall
  • 3rd Round: 12th Selection, 76th Overall

The Vikings are in a good position at the top half of the second round to add some exceptional talent to their roster. Below we’ve round up who some of those prospects the Vikings could potentially target.

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