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UPDATE: Per ProFootballTalk, Peterson will not plead guilty, but will plead no contest. He will not serve jail time and the charge will in fact not contain reference to a child or family (as indicated below):

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Peterson will plead no contest to one count of misdemeanor reckless assault.  The plea will not include reference to family violence or violence against a minor.

If the agreement is accepted by Judge Kelly Case, Peterson will pay a $2,000 fine, be placed on probation, and perform 80 hours of community service.  Technically, the adjudication of the case will be deferred for two years.

PFT thinks Peterson would be reinstated by the Bears game, but that the NFL could impose a punishment before then, and has a strong feeling that the NFL will act swiftly in order to avoid a PR mess. We’ll see what that means.

According to My Fox Twin Cities, Adrian Peterson will plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor in Montgomery County, as previously reported by Adam Schefter. The most important part of the report as it regards the Minnesota Vikings and his playing time:

A source told Fox 26 that Peterson and his legal team were informed the plea deal is acceptable to the NFL and opens the door for his return to Vikings this season.

In this case, the plea deal is expected to include probation. In Texas a Class A Misdemeanor carries maximum penalties that include any combination of a one-year sentence in jail, a $4000 fine and/or probation.

If the plea deal is “acceptable to the NFL” per the Fox report, then his suspension could be minimal or even nonexistent, which would counter reports that he would inevitably face suspension from the league.

As a reminder, the NFL does not even need a conviction to suspend a player, so long as the established facts of the case support a violation of the conduct policy—a category of offense that gives the commissioner full authority over punishment (and therefore would be subject to minimal pushback from the NFLPA or Peterson). Many of these plea deals reduce the charge to base assault, and would remove any mention of a child.

Whether or not the NFL would consider missed games as “time served”—a common term used when discussing Peterson’s NFL case—remains to be seen, but fining games he already missed could cause some issues with the way the CBA has been designed and with privileges Peterson may have already had access to.

More news as the story progresses.

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The Vikings have signed quarterback Pat Devlin and tight end RaShaun Allen to the practice squad, and made room by moving Chandler Harnish to injured reserve while waiving tight end Ryan Otten. Pat Devlin is notable for having been on the Miami Dolphins roster for three seasons, and participating in the four-man quarterback competition against Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill on Hard Knocks. Though losing, he stayed as one of four quarterbacks until David Garrard retired—finishing out the year as the third QB. In the 2013 Preseason, he earned a Pro Football Focus grade of -3.1

Scouting reports below:

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After a few fairly obvious choices in recent weeks, the Vikings edged out a win over Washington with many contributors and few flawless performances, which will likely make this week’s poll a little more competitive.

Here are the winners from the first eight weeks of this season:

Past Winners:

WEEK ONE:  Cordarrelle Patterson

WEEK TWO: Harrison Smith

WEEK THREE:  Harrison Smith

WEEK FOUR: Teddy Bridgewater

WEEK FIVE:  Harrison Smith

WEEK SIX:  Linval Joseph

WEEK SEVEN: Everson Griffen

WEEK EIGHT:  Anthony Barr

Nominations for this week’s award, and the poll itself, can be found after the jump.

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For the most part, the Minnesota Vikings are playing a bit part in the opera the Redskins are putting on at TCF Bank Stadium, with the actual play on the field a potential afterthought to everything surrounding what is seemingly a dysfunctional organization.

Aside from the fact that things were fated to go awry with the Washington team as soon as a team bus carrying the players and coaches got involved in a bus wreck with a police escort, but even before that we heard news of protestors organizing against the Washington team name—and they expected 5000 people to show up, evidently the largest such showing against Washington’s team name ever.


That wasn’t the entirety of the dog-and-pony show, however, as ESPN reported that the quarterback starting for Washington today hasn’t just lost the locker room, but the faith of the coaching staff (at least this week). Further, reports are floating around that the players may have been happier with their other quarterback options even if it meant an RGIII injury, but no credible sources I’ve seen have said the same.

UPDATE: The Washington beat reporters have compellingly argued that Schefter misinterpreted the reports on locker room drama

I do a lot to dismiss psychological factors (confidence, momentum, etc) either implicitly or explicitly when I break down games or players, but that’s mostly because these things are both impossible to determine and verify. Psychological factors often have unpredictable effects, and it’s disingenuous to speak about a player’s mindset from speculation alone.

In this case, I think it makes sense to question the ability of Washington to get up and play the game with all of the “distractions” swirling around them. Regardless, if they do well, the narrative will be flipped to the superiority of the Gruden coaching staff and mental resilience of Robert Griffin. If not, then we know what stories they’ll write. Either way, it looks like the story will be about Washington, not Minnesota.

Although, if the Vikings lose 14-10 on a last-minute interception, then it was previewed on the giant Madden game played on the TCF big video board. Perfect blogging material.

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The inactives report has been released for the Vikings, listed below:

Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen/Groin DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Price, Jabari CB Hamstring DNP LP LP Questionable Inactive
Exum, Antone S Ankle/Shoulder LP FP FP Probable Inactive
Watts, Brandon LB None N/A Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Wentworth, Austin G None N/A Inactive
Hodges, Gerald LB Hamstring LP FP FP Probable Active
Ford, Chase TE Foot LP LP LP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Ankle/Knee LP LP LP Probable Active
Robison, Brian DE Glute DNP LP FP Probable Active
Robinson, Josh CB Ankle LP LP FP Probable Active

Every linebacker who has played significant snaps for the Vikings is active for the first time since late September, and this may shift Anthony Barr’s role on nickel downs to a defensive end at times. At the very least, it will give the Vikings the linebacker depth they seemingly haven’t had for some time.

Price was the only player who was questionable, and both he and Exum (also inactive) committed multiple special teams penalties. It seems as if Mike Priefer made good on his word to take players off the special teams units if they aren’t performing. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to a long term impact with the team.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that implies a significant strategic change in value and the Washington injury report didn’t seem to indicate that they would have the same issues (the Robert Griffin III drama aside). We’ll know soon enough, but Washington did get some extra time because of their bus incident.

UPDATE: Washington has released their inactives report

Cousins, Kirk QB None None Inactive
Robinson, Aldrick WR None None Inactive
Redd, Silas RB None None Inactive
Ducre, Greg CB None None Inactive
Jeffcoat, Jackson LB None None Inactive
Polumbus, Tyler OT None None Inactive
Long, Spencer G None None Inactive
Breeland, Bashaud CB Knee FP Questionable Active
Clark, Ryan S Ankle/Shoulder LP LP LP Probable Active
Griffin III, Robert QB Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Kerrigan, Ryan LB Wrist FP FP FP Probable Active
Murphy, Trent LB Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Porter, Tracy CB Hamstring FP FP FP Probable Active
Riley Jr., Perry LB Knee FP FP FP Probable Active
Robinson, Keenan LB Shoulder FP FP FP Probable Active
Williams, Trent T Knee LP LP LP Probable Active

As you can tell, the injury report had absolutely no bearing on their inactives list. Washington is playing who they want to play, barring coach and quarterback drama.

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