Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Tom Johnson reportedly wanted to be paid like a starter, which presumably meant he wanted to be a starter, so some thought he would be leaving the Minnesota Vikings where Sharrif Floyd and Linval Joseph sit atop the rotation at defensive tackle.

I am happy to pass along, however, some news that should be viewed as a good thing for the depth and quality along the defensive line:

Tom Pelissero says that the Vikings have signed Johnson to a three year deal worth $7 million, with about $3 million in guarantees. Without all of the details, that seems like an easily managed contract that keeps the Vikings armed with continuity and dependability at the defensive tackle position.

Johnson had 22 tackles, six sacks, and a forced fumble in a limited role during the 2014 season.

Be sure to check out all the latest free agency news and rumors with Arif’s Live Blog right here.

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UPDATE: Paul Allen, as well-connected as ever to the Minnesota Vikings, disagrees.

Another update, pasted from the live blog:

(12:44 AM CDT): If it is the case that the market is heating up for Rahim Moore, I don’t expect the Vikings to be involved in a bidding war. The basis for our report that the Vikings would pursue Rahim Moore was that he would be undervalued in the market. If that’s not the case, I don’t see the Vikings pushing.

This may be the reason Paul Allen didn’t see the team as interested and that I had heard the team was planning on contacting Moore. Should Moore command $6.75M or Mooremore, it could have changed the calculus for the Vikings.

We stand by the original report that the Vikings were interested in Rahim Moore at the onset of the tampering period.

No word on whether or not the Vikings have placed any calls yet into Rahim Moore’s camp, but a source tells me that the Minnesota Vikings will pursue Rahim Moore in free agency, and he will be a priority. I’ve covered Moore’s fit previously at several places, but the best roundup is at Vikings Journal:

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Fans of the Minnesota Vikings collectively wondered “What are they thinking?” when the San Francisco 49ers signed Jerome Simpson to a two year deal on Thursday. The best theory I saw was that the increased attention being paid to defensive pass interference could make him incredibly valuable.

Still, the signing was a curious one considering his multiple transgressions in Cincinatti and Minnesota, especially with Niners CEO Jed York vowing all offseason long that he would be instituting a new “win with class” mission in San Francisco.

The team has been ran through the wringer over their many off-field problems and York has been quoted as saying he is the person ultimately responsible for making the necessary changes.

So, what was his response when asked about the signing of Simpson?

“You have to ask Trent,” York told The Chronicle.

“I don’t know what the thinking was.”

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Today marks the beginning of a three-day window in which agents and teams may have discussions to gauge free agent interest — a warm-up to the official start of the free agency period on Tuesday at 3 pm.

So far, the Vikings have quietly “expressed interest” in a handful of players. Take that information with a grain of salt, though — the tampering period is key to measuring the value of certain free agents and testing the interest of competing teams.

Below, we take a look at each potential free agent’s fit with the Vikings:

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