Friday, August 26, 2016

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Mike Wallace, sneaky red zone threat

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In the NFL, the red zone can make or break teams. Poor play-calling or a lack of physicality can mean the difference between three or seven points, and in most cases, those lost points can spell doom for unsuccessful offenses — just look at the New Orleans Saints, who went 1-of-4 yesterday and ultimately lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

Last season, the Vikings offense finished the year ranked 15th in red zone touchdown percentage, scoring 21 touchdowns on 39 possessions for a rate of 53.8 percent:

Image courtesy of Pro Football Reference
Image courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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Since our Vikings-Niners Preview episode is already up, we decided to fill the Monday slot with complete non-sense as Andy gives new nicknames to every player on the Vikings roster!

Some Of The HighLights Include:
• Teddy “Dave” Bridgewater
• Stefon “CAN YOU DIG IT” Diggs
• Jarius “Slot Machine” Wright
• Kyle “Your Girlfriend Sneezed on Me At Training Camp” Rudolph
• Sharrif “My Arms Aren’t Short, They’re Economical” Floyd
• Marcus “Mighty Mouse” Sherels
• Tune in for the other 65 nicknames!

All that and other “Are You Ready for some Tuesday Morning Football?!?!” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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Behind enemy lines

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I’m taking a different approach with this week’s Quote of the Week, going behind enemy lines to get a sense for San Francisco’s Week 1 preparations. Since I technically live in 49ers country, and work just minutes from their new stadium, I hear the chatter almost every morning on my way to work. And this week’s radio waves were filled with talk of stopping Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

On Friday, 49ers defensive coordinator Eric Mangini addressed The Return and spoke to Peterson’s unrivaled abilities, which fans will get to see for the first time since the All-Pro running back took the field in September 2014:

“(Peterson) tests the integrity of your front,” Mangini said. “And there are plenty of examples on tape where things have broken down, and he generates something that a lot of backs can’t generate.

“Plus, he’s a guy that gets stronger as the game goes on. It’s not like he shoots his gun early in the game and slows down. He builds tempo.”

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    The much anticipated debut of the 2015 Minnesota Vikings will take place late this evening and we here at VT don’t just write about the Vikings, we’re all super fans ourselves, and we are every bit as excited for the action as you are.

    As you prepare your eyeballs for a football feast, I’ve decided to give them a little warmup by compiling all of the primer information in one spot. Here is a quick recap of the preview content we’ve put together here at VT.

    OFFENSIVE MATCHUP by lindsey young

    Lindsey thinks that, despite concerns along the offensive line, the Vikings have enough ingredients for an explosive offense to put on a show against suddenly San Francisco defense. Teddy Bridgewater is earning some high praise, including from his star running back, Adrian Peterson.

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    Loadholt, PhilTAchilles---OUTInactive
    Sullivan, JohnCBack---OUTInactive
    Ford, ChaseTEShoulderLimitedFullFullProbableActive
    Line, ZachFBKneeLimitedFullFullProbableActive
    Pruitt, MyColeTEAnkleFullFullFullProbableActive
    Stephen, ShamarDTKneeLimitedFullFullProbableActive

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