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The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings look to reload and take another step forward in the 2016 season. To do so, Rick Spielman will have to work his magic once again and supplement the already young and talented roster with players who will help push Mike Zimmer and his crew over the hump. Grab a coffee and come on in. Let’s talk some Vikings!

The 11 Talkers Include
• NFL Combine Under Way
• Ricky Spielman Spoke at the Combine
• Rick Spielman Sat Down with Beat Writers Last Week
• Spielman Says Height Not Determining Factor in Drafting Next Vikings WR
• Norv Might Be In Trouble
• Adrian Showing Signs of Wear?
• One Free Agent to Watch….
• James Laurinaitis Cut By Rams. Fit for Vikings?
• Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah LOVE the Vikes
• Will the Vikings Re-Sign Chad Greenway?
• Andy’s Free Agency and Draft Wishlist

All that and other “There is No Vikings Offseason” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast.

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Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman took the podium for his annual press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday. In his opening statement he talked about the great job Mike Zimmer has done turning this team around and his ability each season to build on that success. Spielman identified that the development of younger players, the culture that has been established in the locker room, and the emphasis that the team comes first are the key elements to the Vikings success. One veteran leader that Spielman singled out was Mike Wallace.

“What Mike Wallace brought into our locker room, his buy-in and his sacrifice from a standpoint of stats and what is best for the team – and I know coach Zimmer mentioned it in his post-season press conference – but he was a true professional and everything he was asked to do he did to the best of his ability. His leadership was very key to the success we had on the field.”

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Combine harrison smith
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The NFL Combine kicks off this Friday in Indianapolis. All of the NFL GMs, scouts, executives, coaches, etc are descending on Lucas Oil Stadium (but really St. Elmo’s) to scope out the next crop of NFL talent as the young men compete in events tangentially related to the game of American Football, all while wearing their skivvies.

Luke Inman (@Luke_Spinman) is back in the house to tell us about what matters at the Combine, what doesn’t and what Vikings fans should look for this weekend. Also I try to stump Luke in a festive round of NFL COMBINE TRIVIA!

All that and other “Underwear Olympics” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast.

An Andy Carlson Joint

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mock draft roundup
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We’re a few months into mock draft season, and the predictions for the Vikings’ selection are all over the board. So, here at VT, we decided to round up some of the more prominent first round mocks from the web, and take a look at who everyone’s picking the purple to pick.

Because the NFL Scouting Combine can cause a player’s stock to rise or fall dramatically, mock drafts are often divided into “Pre-Combine” and “Post-Combine” categories. As this is the opening day of the Combine, you can consider this our “Pre-Combine” mock draft roundup. Each pick listed below will include the site, the selection, the explanation directly from the relevant outlet, and a quick comment from me. We’ll start with our two in-house mocks:

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Things will begin to heat up over the next several days as over 300 NFL prospects arrive in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine. Groups one, two and three (special teams, offensive lineman and running backs) arrive today starting the Pre-Examinations, X-Rays, Orientation, and Interview portions leading up to the televised workouts starting Friday. Click here for the full schedule of events.

The Combine evaluation process isn’t an exact science and it certainly can have it’s fair share of objectivity. For some prospects it may require enduring a little extra prodding and probing as teams wrestle with issues between talent and character.

Here are 10 polarizing prospects the Minnesota Vikings will be doing their due diligence on as they determine value and potential fit.

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