Monday, September 25, 2017

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Our captain

I'm on board the Vikings ship
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“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” — Louisa May Alcott

To say Mike Zimmer is “learning” how to sail would be wrong; he’s navigated the sea’s unforgiving waters from the moment he set foot in Winter Park. From Adrian Peterson’s suspension in 2014 to the passing of his father Bill last season, Zimmer’s stood tall at the helm of the Minnesota Vikings ship.

The volatile nature of the sea, or life as an NFL head coach, is only matched by its unpredictability. Such was the case on Tuesday, when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater dislocated his knee, tore his ACL, and thrust the Zimmer-led Vikings into the most ominous storm of their three-year run.

But as he’s done so many times before, Zimmer took the wheel and kept the franchise on course. There were surely tears and shouts of frustration as Rick Spielman and the front office debated their immediate options; Shaun Hill, Mark Sanchez, Mike Vick? That uncertainty even showed during Zimmer’s press conference — a moment of emotion as the head coach professed his love for his fallen quarterback.

Still, Zimmer did not cry, make excuses, or concede defeat. He challenged his team to overcome, to withstand every brutal wave and violent swell of the ocean. He promised to fight, to stand together as a team, and prove the immediate doubters wrong. No matter how hard the sea hits, one thing is clear — Zimmer isn’t letting go.

And for that, no matter how the Vikings finish the season, I’m on board.

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Rumors have been running rampant since Wednesday night about quarterback Michael Vick possibly making a visit to the Twin Cities to meet with the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday. Will it turn out to be true? Only time will tell.

But let’s just say he is making his way to Minnesota and ends up signing with the Vikings for at least the 2016 season. What exactly would be the benefit of Minnesota bringing in a quarterback who has not thrown more than five touchdown passes in a season since 2011?

It is essentially all about what he could do.

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Purple FTW! Podcast is Joining 1500 ESPN & PodcastOne

This stupid podcast was born December 8. 2013. It was Week 14 of that disastrous season, the final one of the Leslie “But” Frazier era. Joe Flacco and the Ravens drove 80 yards in 45 seconds (in a SNOWSTORM), threw a touchdown to something-called Marlon Brown with :04 to play, and the Vikings lost 29-26. I recorded my frustration and had no idea where it was going to lead. Frankly I didn’t even know what a podcast was. The plan was to post and share this “audio recording” to a few friends and family who would get a kick out of it as we drowned our sorrows of that eventual 5-10-1 campaign. But then people started listening. Now Friday’s episode is going to be number 300. We’ve come a long way, baby.

I’m happy to announce that the Purple FTW! Podcast is joining 1500 ESPN and PodcastOne.

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Michael Vick Visiting Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are expected to host quarterback Michael Vick to a visit at Winter Park on Thursday according to football writer, and friend of the site, Ryan Boser.

Our full disclosure is that we do not have any confirmation at this time, other than the fact that Boser sounds extremely confident and we know him to be someone that wouldn’t mess around with this sort of thing. Also, the move makes a certain amount of sense, even if it is likely to draw plenty of criticism from the masses.

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