Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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When it comes to discussions of the “greatest Vikings of all time” there is little argument against Alan Page.

The man just continues to impress with anything he does, even with his Hall of Fame NFL days way in the rear-view mirror, and now he will be beginning another chapter of his ridiculously productive life.

Page will be forced to retire from the Minnesota Supreme Court in August, according to the Star-Tribune, due to an age limit imposed on members of the court.  Page will be turning 70 and will have served 22 years on the highest court in the State.

Page was the first African-American member of the Minnesota Supreme Court and is well known as a champion for equality and justice. He says that his retirement will bring a renewed focus on his philanthropy, and possibly even a little downtime.

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For this week’s Vikings Fan Spotlight, we’re highlighting not just one person, but an entire bar!

Welcome to Cap City Tavern, located in Denver, CO.

Cap City originally opened in 1999, but Dino McTaggart, the bar’s current owner, purchased the establishment in 2008.

Interestingly enough, McTaggart did not start out as a Vikings fan. Rather, he was born and raised in Cleveland and considers himself a Browns fan “deep down in [his] soul.” Before you write him off, though—McTaggart quickly became a Vikings supporter.

“I became a Vikings fan the day Minnesotans started walking thru the door at Cap City, and I fell in love with the people who come in each Sunday to cheer,” McTaggart said. “Everyone who comes into Cap City on Sundays is here to watch football, but even when the Vikings aren’t winning, [the fans] are here to see each other and to get just a little bit of what they’re missing from home […] as I call it, ‘Minnesotan Love.'”

So how did a bar in the heart of Colorado come to be a “Vikings bar”?

When the local Vikings watering hole went out of business in 2010, McTaggart created fliers advertising “Denver’s Newest Vikings Bar”—slowly but surely, Vikings fans from all over found their way to Cap City.

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Well, your reigning champs are officially the New England Patriots, and the Super Bowl itself was a game that certainly earned its name. It was a fun ride.

The minute a champion is crowned, however, the race is on to try and become the next one.  Its a lot like Game of Thrones, actually.

Before we get on to this week’s links, I want to take a second to highlight our five most viewed articles of January, in case you missed one or two of them:

  1. Lindsey talked to Matt Birk about head coach Mike Zimmer and where he sees the Vikings heading from here on out.
  2. Arif addressed a report that Teddy Bridgewater didn’t want to play in Cleveland because he didn’t feel like he would have the full support of the Browns staff.
  3. Teddy Bridgewater won the Pepsi Rookie of the Year award and Arif was there to discuss it.
  4. I talked about a decision the Vikings have coming in May regarding disappointing left tackle Matt Kalil and his fifth year option.
  5. I kicked off our free agency previews by discussing the quarterback position which includes some speculation about the future of Matt Cassel.

Okay, now we get back to our regularly scheduled program.  Here is a look around the web at what everyone else is saying about our Minnesota Vikings:

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In a text message sent to ESPN, Minnesota Vikings fullback Jerome Felton announced Tuesday afternoon that he has opted out of his contract for 2015.

Felton signed a three-year contract following the 2012 season—the deal was worth $7.5 million. According to ESPN, he was given the opportunity to opt out before the 2015 season in exchange for his “willingness to restructure his deal for 2014.”

Does this guarantee that No. 42 will not be in purple for 2015? Not necessarily.

Felton expressed a positive attitude toward the Vikings, acknowledging that he was treated well and “parted on good terms.” At this point, Felton is saying that he is open to the idea of returning to Minnesota—especially if Adrian Peterson is part of the team.

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There are numerous outlets that rank pending free agents.  Some do it by position, others by team, but they are just so much fun to browse around and dream up different scenarios for your favorite team.

I’ve seen a number of names consistently tacked onto the wishlists of Vikings fans and decided to compile them into one poll (below) and see who comes out as our top target as voted on by you, the highly intelligent and incredibly good looking readers of VT.

The names on this list by no means are meant to suggest another couldn’t be your favorite target.  If another player that I haven’t listed is atop your personal list of favorites, then please do click “other” and tell us who it is in the comments section.

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