Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Robert Blanton had run all offseason and preseason as the starter at safety next to Harrison Smith.

For the first game of the regular season, Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is returning to the alignment he finished last season with. Prior to Monday night’s game at San Francisco, Andrew Sendejo was named the starter at safety.

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    Good evening, Skoldiers. Are you ready for some football?

    The 2015 offseason for the Minnesota Vikings has been one of great excitement which has led us to this moment… opening night on Monday Night Football with expectations so high Roger Goodell wants to suspend Jerome Simpson again.

    Adrian Peterson is back! Teddy is under center! Trae Waynes, Eric Kendricks, and T.J. Clemmings will surely get in on their first meaningful NFL action. Norv! Zimmer!

    If there is one major concern coming out of the preseason it is certainly our offensive line’s ability to be resilient, but I’m not wanting to go all Captain Buzzkill at this particular moment. Kick back, let your boss know you’ll be two hours late tomorrow morning, pour yourself whatever beverage you prefer, and enjoy the game!

    The Vikings Territory staff has provided their pre-game predictions after the jump, don’t forget to join us on Draft Kings next week to try and take our money, and prepare to fill the comments section with comments of awe and glee!

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    A few of the Minnesota Vikings’ rookies will have to wait to make their NFL debuts.

    Receiver Stefon Diggs was, perhaps, the most noteworthy among Minnesota’s six gameday inactive players. Fellow draft pick Edmond Robinson is also inactive, along with rookie quarterback Taylor Heinicke, offensive linemen Jeremiah Sirles, tight end Chase Ford and defensive end Justin Trattou.

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    Mike Wallace, sneaky red zone threat

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    In the NFL, the red zone can make or break teams. Poor play-calling or a lack of physicality can mean the difference between three or seven points, and in most cases, those lost points can spell doom for unsuccessful offenses — just look at the New Orleans Saints, who went 1-of-4 yesterday and ultimately lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

    Last season, the Vikings offense finished the year ranked 15th in red zone touchdown percentage, scoring 21 touchdowns on 39 possessions for a rate of 53.8 percent:

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    Image courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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    Since our Vikings-Niners Preview episode is already up, we decided to fill the Monday slot with complete non-sense as Andy gives new nicknames to every player on the Vikings roster!

    Some Of The HighLights Include:
    • Teddy “Dave” Bridgewater
    • Stefon “CAN YOU DIG IT” Diggs
    • Jarius “Slot Machine” Wright
    • Kyle “Your Girlfriend Sneezed on Me At Training Camp” Rudolph
    • Sharrif “My Arms Aren’t Short, They’re Economical” Floyd
    • Marcus “Mighty Mouse” Sherels
    • Tune in for the other 65 nicknames!

    All that and other “Are You Ready for some Tuesday Morning Football?!?!” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

    An Andy Carlson Joint.

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