Thursday, December 14, 2017

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When looking at the calendar, it’s only been four months. Checking my gut, it feels like years since I paced the streets outside the Vikings training camp facility at Mankato State University. I spoke with as many fans as possible about their faith in the Vikings organization.

It was hot and dirty, but I stayed after practice longer than usual chatting because I was blown away by the amount of credibility head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman had with the fan base. Coming off another disappointing playoff loss just 8 months prior, the faith in the organization had come back around. Comparisons to Bud Grant and the New England Patriot dynasty were made. Optimism was at an all time high.

Now, after five losses post bye week, Vikings territory is in a panic and the rug has once again been pulled out from under us.

As we all know, the NFL is unpredictable, but your ability to predict the uncommon provides job security. This leads us to this week’s “Question of the Week.”

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I have forever been a superstitious sports fan. Even when playing any sport growing up, I had my rituals. I’d tap my glove twice before a pitch was thrown or purposely left my chinstrap unbuckled while in the huddle.

I realize it seems crazy. Most people don’t understand, but there is something about the ‘butterfly effect’ and the way you feel it impacts your favorite teams.

After last night’s news of head coach Mike Zimmer’s emergency eye surgery, you have to wonder why the 2016 Vikings seem so snake bitten.

Well…maybe I have an explanation.

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Minnesota Vikings-Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are heading for a showdown at Historic US Bank Stadium with the NFC leading Dallas Cowboys. The Vikes need to wrassle out an improbable win to help save the season and keep their playoff hopes alive. To help us take a look at the team with an actual offensive line is show favorite Shea in Irving. We chat with Shea about the emergence of rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott and if he’s made peace with The Ginger (Jason Garrett). Our show wraps with a few loose Purple thoughts and a look at key matchups I’m excited about.

All that and more “I’m your Huckleberry” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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An Andy Carlson Joint


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When Vikings Territory teammates Brett Anderson and Austin Belisle booked their tickets to travel from the west coast to Minneapolis, they expected to see a playoff-destined team coached by Mike Zimmer destroy the Dallas Cowboys and their rookie quarterback.

The joke is on them.

The Vikings released a statement late Wednesday night indicating that the downward plummet that has been the post-bye 2016 season now might include the absence of Mike Zimmer on the sidelines Thursday night.

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Ugh, the Vikings lost again, so much for going back to a winning streak. They did very well keeping the game close and right when Adam and I thought the game would go into overtime, they lost against the Lions, again.

The Vikings will have a lot of work to do from here on out if they would like to make it to not only the Super Bowl, but really just the playoffs. This week the Vikings are playing the Cowboys. This is not going to be an easy game for them, the Cowboys are on a 10-game winning streak. I truly hope that the Vikings can beat them but if not, I have prepared some delicious comfort food.

I made chili this week for the game. As the temperature continues to drop everywhere, including here in southern California, I have been thinking of all of the foods that I love to eat in this time of year. When you think about comfort foods, it is no surprise that everyone loves to eat them. They make you feel warm, full, happy, and often remind people of home and family, all of the important comforts in life, and every family has one recipe that is always made when comforts are needed.

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