Monday, April 24, 2017

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Six people died and the town of Palestine, Texas is left devastated after flash floods ripped through the town this weekend. According to The Weather Channel, five of the deceased were four children and their great-grandmother.

The town of about 19,000 people is the hometown of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson who is partnering with the Salvation Army and traveling back to Palestine this week.

“My mom is over 50, and in her lifespan she’s never seen a flood in Palestine,” Peterson told ESPN. “That’s what was so unusual about it. We’ve never had an issue with flooding. We’ve had heavy rains for days at a time, but nothing to this magnitude. For this to hit overnight, and the damage that it caused, it was devastating.”

Vikings sign two
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The Vikings’s busy Wednesday continued with the signing of two more draft picks: second-round pick Mackensie Alexander and seventh-round pick Stephen Weatherly. That makes four players signed for the day, after the deals reached with tight end David Morgan and safety Jayron Kearse earlier.

For Alexander, it was a four year deal worth $4.3 million, with a $1.34 million signing bonus, per Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.

Vikings Sign David Morgan, the Draft's
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As Darren Wolfson reported earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings should have all of their rookie draft picks signed to contracts by Friday. The team started with Moritz Boehringer on Monday and hasn’t put the cap back on the proverbial pen since.

Seventh-round pick Jayron Kearse signed a four-year deal this morning and sixth-round tight end David Morgan quickly followed suit. Per reports from Chris Tomasson, Morgan will sign his contract tomorrow, which is of the four-year variety and includes a $135,456 signing bonus.

Vikings Sign Seventh-Round Pick Jayron Kearse
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Minnesota Vikings rookie safety Jayron Kearse is the second draft pick to sign with the team after agreeing to a four-year, $2.4 million deal with the Vikings. According to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, Kearse will sign his contract, which includes a $64,224 signing bonus, on Thursday.

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Vikings 2016 Draft Party
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Rick Spielman’s curriculum vitae grew a bit during the 2016 NFL Draft where he again presided over the Minnesota Vikings as the team’s General Manager. Not only did he become the first to select a European player that has never played in America, Germany’s Mortiz Boehringer, but Boehringer also became the first 2016 rookie to sign his initial contract.

Some skeptics (like myself) wonder if the selection of the German wide out didn’t have more to do with expanding the franchise’s business market than it did actual on-field opportunity, but it is a fun storyline regardless of future success, so there are no complaints here.

Spielman made another move on Draft Weekend, however, that cannot be denied of its value and puts him in a position to again make NFL history.

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