Sunday, July 5, 2015

Finishing up a road trip combined with hosting the in-laws meant I was a little delayed in my watching of the Vikings first preseason game of the Mike Zimmer era.  I’ll try to make up for the delay by hosting a real-time live chat for the next game.

Overall, what we saw from the Vikings in their preseason debut against Oakland was encouraging.  Tomorrow, I’ll turn around and focus on the “Five Things I Hate About You,” but I first want to ride the optimism and give you five positive takeaways.

5.  Adam Thielen Looks Legit

The Vikings have invested a lot into their wide out position over the last couple of years and it is showing.  Quality depth is still a concern, especially with Jerome Simpson facing a suspension this season, but Adam Thielen is looking like a reliable backup option with special teams value.  He caught a pass for 15 yards, made a hell of a coverage play, and averaged over 17 yards on three punt returns.  He looks fragile to me, and that very well could be my imagination,  but I otherwise can’t think of a single reason he shouldn’t be on this roster in Week One of the regular season.  He made plays all over the field this week.

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As of the moment, the Vikings haven’t confirmed anything, but the Vikings seemingly signed confirmed the signing of tight end Kory Sperry, alum of Colorado State. He went undrafted in 2009.

Kory was signed by the San Diego Chargers, but was a camp casualty. Midway through the 2009 season, the Miami Dolphins signed him.

In 2010, he was one again a camp casualty for the team, but this time the Broncos picked him up. He was waived shortly after season start.

The team that originally signed him, the Chargers, picked him up and kept him throughout the 2010 and 2011 seasons. When he was waived in 2012 after camp, he wasn’t picked up again until December, when the Cardinals signed him. He was on the roster until the end of the 2013 season.

He has been active for 40 games, starting eight. He has nine receptions for 152 yards. Vikings statement:

“Kory Sperry joins the Vikings as a free agent signing. A six-year NFL veteran, Sperry played the 2013 season with the Arizona Cardinals. In 40 career games, he has caught 9 passes for 152 receiving yards and one touchdown. Sperry played under Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner in San Diego from 2010-2012 and spent time on the team’s practice squad in 2009. Sperry entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Colorado State in 2009.”

He is not practice squad eligible.

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The Minnesota Vikings have announced the hire of Joe Marciano as the interim special teams coordinator while the team’s stated coordinator, Mike Priefer, sits out a suspension related to controversy stemming from homophobic statements Priefer was found to have said.

Joe Marciano has 28 years of experience in the NFL as a special teams coordinator and was going to live out his retirement, but came back for three weeks with the Vikings. He was in camp today and arrived in Mankato last night. Overall, he’s been an average special teams coordinator with the Texans, though it should be noted that as an expansion team, they’ve had less talent. From Football Outsiders:

Year DVOA Rank
2002 3.80% 8
2003 2.80% 7
2004 -4.20% 28
2005 5.50% 2
2006 -2.20% 22
2007 6.90% 3
2008 -0.10% 17
2009 2.40% 7
2010 -1.70% 23
2011 0.70% 13
2012 -7.70% 32
2013 -5.10% 29
TOT 0.09% 15.9

He’ll be with the team until that last week in order to hammer down on chemistry.

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I’ve consolidated a list of people you can expect to livetweet training camp, so it should be easier to follow along here if you don’t have a twitter account to get up to date with the comings and goings of camp.

Hopefully this should make for an easy follow.

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