Saturday, July 22, 2017

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#MoreThanWords 2016
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It’s a cold winter afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio. Corri and Vicki Zimmer walk out of the local grocery store, only to spot a homeless woman on the side of the road, shaking from either hunger or the frigid air. Corri, daughter of Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, remembers her late mother’s generous actions fondly.

“My mom rummaged through her groceries to give her whatever we could; a pack of water, beef jerky, random things,” Corri said. “The next time we went to the store, my mom would keep a bag in her car just in case we saw the woman or another homeless person. She was super kind-hearted, sweet, a really great person.”

Vicki’s spirit lives on through the Mike Zimmer Foundation, which was launched by Mike, Corri, and the rest of the Zimmer family earlier this year as a way to give back to the local community. Through scholarships, football camps,and other programs, the Foundation is helping Minnesota’s children in-need achieve their goals and discover new, life-changing opportunities.

It’s that same spirit that made #MoreThanWords such a resounding success in 2016. We raised more than $15,000 for the Mike Zimmer Foundation, smashing our original goal of $10,000. But it wasn’t a one-blog, one-person, or even one-donation effort; Vikings Territory, other participating blogs, our angel sponsor Fan HQ, Corri Zimmer, the Mike Zimmer Foundation, and fans around the globe achieved this incredible feat together.

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Shaun Hill
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The Minnesota Vikings director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman updated the fans and media on Teddy Bridgewater’s surgical operation in a press release distributed by the team on Friday.

Eden Prairie, MN (September 9, 2016) Teddy Bridgewater had his left knee surgically repaired yesterday. The procedure was performed by Dr. Dan Cooper at the Carrell Clinic in Dallas, TX. The knee dislocation resulted in Teddy needing a multi-ligament reconstruction. I was able to be present in Dallas, support Teddy and observe the entire procedure. The repair was excellent and gives Teddy every reason to be very optimistic.

Teddy already began the rehab process yesterday, will return to Minnesota to continue on the road to recovery very soon and looks forward to getting back on the field.

This update received some attention in the media, including some under-informed dissection of the “multi-ligament” phrase, and it is clear that the return of Bridgewater will be a long storyline to follow. The conclusion of which will take place sometime in 2017 at the earliest.

The more pressing matter is which healthy quarterback the Vikings have rostered will start in the regular season opener in Tennessee on Sunday.

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Joe Berger’s battle to start at center for the Minnesota Vikings concluded weeks ago with the release of John Sullivan, but ended on a high note today with an unexpected contract extension. According to a press release from the team, Berger has been signed to a one-year contract extension with the Vikings.

The 12-year veteran has 54 starts in 115 career games and 34 starts in 77 games in Minnesota. He started all 16 games for the Vikings at center last year and beat out John Sullivan to remain there in 2016. Berger’s extension keeps him in purple and gold through 2017, as the veteran center was set to become a free agent following the season.

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Written by Adam’s wife, Danielle.

It’s here, it’s here! The season has officially started!

Although we have already suffered quite the blow with Teddy being out for the season, we had an amazing pre-season. Hopefully the men in purple can pull it together and prove that although Teddy is an amazing asset, the team is continuing to get stronger and will follow the admirable pre-season with an excellent season.

Here’s to hoping the new stadium brings some good luck to the Vikings and we can see them at the Super Bowl in February.

With that said, if there is one legendary meal that needs to be devoured to kick off the season, it is the Juicy Lucy!!! If you aren’t sure what a Juicy Lucy is, it is the most amazing and legendary meal of Minnesota. It will also let you use the grill again which at this point in the year, your chances are dwindling.

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For each week of the entire 2016 season, Vikings Territory will be offering up some suggestions for the Minnesota Vikings to take into consideration as they prepare for for their upcoming game. It is a way to try and emphasize the possible keys to victory during each week of the regular season.

The Vikings are opening their season in Tennessee this Sunday to face off against the Titans. Less than two weeks ago, Minnesota’s strategy to beat the Titans was likely something completely different than it currently is now.

But a whole season can change in a matter of seconds and it did just that when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a season-ending knee injury on August 30th. Now it is up to Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and the rest of the team to pick up the pieces and still pursue this team’s ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.

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