Monday, October 5, 2015

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Forget to grab your significant other a card for Valentine’s Day?

Don’t sweat. We here at Vikings Territory/Purple FTW! got your back with a new line of cards that will surely warm the cockles of even the most frigid of Vikings fans’ hearts. They combine the snark & self-deprecating humor that is the hallmark (pun intended) of the most loyal and patience-tested fan base in professional sports.

Check out the full gallery at Purple FTW!, send your favorite to your main squeeze, and let the Love Boat set sail.

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Here at Vikings Territory we are constantly on the lookout for new talent capable of keeping our pages both fresh and intriguing for the benefit of our much appreciated readers.

Today, I hope you will join me in welcoming our newest addition, contributor Austin Belisle.

A graduate from San Jose State, Austin brings a formal education and also plenty of practical experience to our team here at VT, and he will be putting that to use right away.  Even more important, however, he is one of the most enthusiastic Vikings fans you will ever meet and his knowledge of the game will certainly impress from Day One.

You may recognize Austin from his work at Pro Football Spotbut if not then trust me when I say this is a high-quality addition and our coverage will benefit greatly.

In addition to reading his work here, starting very soon, you can follow Austin on Twitter.


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People who can honestly say they are working their dream job are few and far between. But Joe Lemke is one of those people. The Twin Cities native is a life-long Vikings fan and a professional photographer; last year, he got the opportunity to combine the two into one pretty sweet gig.

At 27 years old, Lemke has been taking photos professionally for seven years, but he has been supporting the Vikings for as long as he can remember. Need proof? The first jersey he owned was none other than Warren Moon!

The photographer has extensive experience—regularly shooting editorial, portrait and wedding content as his own business and also working as one of two concert photographers at the Xcel Energy Center and Roy Wilkins Auditorium. However, he had never done much sports photography and always thought it would be an incredible job to work for the Vikings.

Lemke decided to go out on a limb, reaching out to full-time team photographer Andy Kenutis. As a fan, Lemke loved the action and intensity of the player shots Kenutis often posted on and via social media. As an artist, he admired the detail and impressive quality of Kenutis’ work.

Lemke contacted Kenutis, sending him a link to his own portfolio.

“Honestly, I was just hoping to meet for lunch and pick [Andy’s] brain about his football shots,” he admitted. “He wrote back to me, liked my work, and we got lunch. He’s a great dude.”

Ultimately, Kenutis offered the Vikings fan the opportunity to attend mini camp and work on taking some photos of practice. Lemke captured some unique shots over a few days at camp; before he knew it, Kenutis brought him on as a part-time member of the photography team.

“Getting to walk out onto the practice field at Winter Park for the first time was amazing.  Standing on the field with many of the players that I watch every Sunday during the regular season was a pretty surreal experience.”

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There was a flurry of Vikings noise and news on Thursday when the team put newly promoted Chief Operating Officer Kevin Warren in front of a speaker phone.

Warren, formerly the team’s legal counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, last made headlines in November when reports surfaced that he was opposed to Adrian Peterson returning to the Vikings and that he was actively working against it.

With Warren’s promotion came the opportunity to clear the air, or perhaps perform some strategic posturing, in regards to the ongoing Peterson saga.

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Espn draft expert Mel Kiper, thinks Parker is talented enough to potentially challenge Alabama’s Amari Cooper as the first wide receiver taken in this year’s draft.

What makes Parker one of the elite pass-catchers in this talented class of receivers?

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