Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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We Weren't Supposed to Feel this Way
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Who else is having the Christmas Blues? You know, that feeling the day after December 25th, after we’ve unwrapped the presents, bid adieu to our families, and finished off the last of the homemade cookies — we’ve all experienced it throughout the years.

Even at 24, the end of the holiday season makes me a little sentimental. As soon as Thanksgiving’s over, we’re confronted with the Christmas rush. You spend an entire month planning, buying, cooking, and baking, all for the climax that is Christmas Day. And once it’s over, it’s simply…over. You’re left with the clean up, the transition back into the office, the harsh reality that is the return to the everyday routine.

In some ways, the Minnesota Vikings prepared us for this very feeling through the 2016 season. For me, at least, there are too many parallels to ignore: the exciting 5-0 start, the sudden crash to third in the NFC North, and the ultimate crescendo — elimination from the playoffs at the hand of the Green Bay Packers.

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One single thought from the Vikings' loss to the Packers.

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This is generally a “Five Thoughts” column in which I lay out five observations about the Vikings game, and where it went right or wrong and what it means. Despite the sluggish and mildly depressed (if completely expected) way I was feeling about the 38-25 loss to Green Bay Saturday, that was still my plan. It was probably going to be about Adam Thielen’s scintillating 12-catch, 202-yard, two-touchdown day, and Sam Bradford’s stat line that was actually very good despite the offense’s struggles (again), and how, even with all that, that the Vikings still got handled, and how that felt perfectly right, and a few other things. Until I saw this headline from the Star Tribune:

Vikings DBs switch up game plan on Mike Zimmer regarding Jordy Nelson

So pardon me while I ditch the usual format and focus on this one highly alarming story from the game. I must start by asking, in all sincerity, what in the ever loving hell is going on?

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Stefon Diggs a #1 receiver
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Regardless of how things play out over the next few weeks, an extremely turbulent 2016 season has left the Minnesota Vikings roster scarred and full of question marks, meaning a dramatic offseason is surely ahead. Before we speculate (and we will speculate) on which subtractions and additions can lead to a more successful year, we asked our panel to instead give their insight as to which Vikings are the most secure in their employment status for the season ahead.


Taking all things into consideration, including injuries and contracts, which five Vikings would you say are the safest to return in 2017 given this has the makings of an unpredictable offseason?

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Former Division-II RB CJ Ham Replaces CB Mackensie Alexander on Minnesota's 53-Man Roster

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And another one bites the dust.

The hits just keep on coming for the Minnesota Vikings. Just a few days following an announcement stating defensive tackle Tom Johnson would miss the remainder of the season due to a torn hamstring, the Vikings placed rookie cornerback and 2016 second-round pick Mackensie Alexander on injured reserve.

Undrafted rookie running back CJ Ham, who has spent the duration of the year on Minnesota’s practice squad, was signed to the active roster to fill the spot voided by the Clemson product.

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