Friday, May 22, 2015
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Though not the primary read on the final game-winning touchdown, Teddy Bridgewater told Rodney Smith to “be ready” while in the huddle right before the end zone fade that erased memories of Teddy’s first week performance against the Raiders to create new excitement about the Vikings’ first round pick.

Teddy Bridgewater v. Cardinals

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While it would be inaccurate to characterize Teddy Bridgewater’s training camp as a struggle, it was clear that he was behind in offensive execution relative to the veteran on the roster, Matt Cassel. And though Cassel’s performance in the last two preseason games has been more than adequate, he hardly creates the excitement among fans that Bridgewater does.


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Without the benefit of replay or film review, a rapid reaction of the first team below:

The Minnesota Vikings first team offenses and defenses were on the field against the Cardinals ones and twos, which makes evaluating them somewhat of a mixed bag. Regardless, there are a few quick takeaways based on only half a game that, with the context of small sample size and preseason play, will give us further clue on the 2014 Minnesota Vikings.


Vikings training camp in Mankato come to a close which means it is a great time to round up the best links across the internet:

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The Vikings may have shed the Erhardt-Perkins offense with the addition of offensive coordinator Norv Turner, but they won’t let go of the greater Erhardt legacy, especially when it helps them. Football historians will note that former Pittsburgh Steelers center and current Hall of Famer Dermontti Dawson was the first pulling center the NFL had seen, something he petitioned offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt to allow him to do in a preseason game in 1992. Despite any issues that could have cropped up in the quarterback-center exchange, Erhardt greenlighted it. It changed the game.

Though Sullivan likely won’t reach the level of notoriety that Dawson did for his part in innovating NFL run blocking, he deserves consideration as the game’s best. The fact that he’s been asked to pull this year, just like Dawson, is just one of the many reasons he can provide tools that other centers can not. Beyond that, he’s one of the most cerebral and technically sound players the NFL has. Should he play at this level for a few more years, even if he doesn’t get the Pro Bowl or All-Pro recognition he deserves (he was awarded All-Pro recognition in 2012), he needs to be a serious contender for a spot in the Hall of Fame.


I’ll admit it.  I’m viewing things through purple-colored sunglasses these days, with Mike Zimmer making me an optimistic fan yet again, and finding five things I loved about our first preseason victory was much easier than this post.

Afterall, “hate” is a mighty strong word.

So, it might be best to consider this more of a list of things that annoy me.

5.  Kluwe Shadow Still Looms Large

As I stated, I’m loving this new regime and all of the excitement that comes with it. Paul Allen, a homeristic homer, navigated away from the harsh truths of the Chris Kluwe versus Mike Priefer saga during his broadcast, but the national guys will not be so kind to the Vikings organization.  During those first few weeks, when Priefer is serving his suspension, the new coaching staff will have their debut games tainted by this distracting drama and the talking points that are sure to follow.

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