Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Who wins Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale on Sunday?

I hear arguments from fan writers on both sides, carefully weigh the merits of their cases, and then act as judge, jury & executioner in the inaugural edition of PURPLE FTW! JUSTICE.

Representing Seattle is Dayna O’Gorman (@DaynaOG), host of the NFL Female podcast and rabid Seahawks fan. She was a member of the “12s” back when they were terrible, so you know that she’s legit.

General counsel for New England Patriots is Tom Murphy (@TMurph207), operator of and all-around Boston sports aficionado. He survived Tony Eason. That is all.

The judge cloak is on, the wig is straight, and the gavel is ready so let’s do this damn thing!

Full episode after the jump.

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NFL Mock Draft 2015 Brent
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Ahhh, yes. Mock draft season. There are about 4 months until the 2015 NFL draft. I realize that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but come mid March, you’ll be dying for some NFL news.

There certainly isn’t a professional draft that gets as much attention as the NFL draft does. Hell, I’m not sure the NHL as a whole gets as much attention as the NFL draft.

There is so much parity within the NFL. A good draft can absolutely swing your team into contention. A bad draft could set your team back years if you miss on several picks.

I feel like the Vikings are a strong draft and a few key free agent signing away from being legitimate contenders. They’re also in a position where they can potentially go best play available, regardless of position. Because we’ve settled on a quarterback, we can likely have our pick at defensive back, linebacker or offensive lineman. Who do you think they’ll take 11th overall?

Click here to take a look at my first 2015 mock draft. Note that there aren’t any trades included, because frankly, that gets messy with so many current unknowns.

With the first pick...

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It doesn't look like Minnesota is the favorite to capture the son of a legend anymore.

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According to Adam Schefter, son of former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter, Duron Carter, is closing in on a deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

Duron Carter had workouts with a number of teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns as well as the Colts and Vikings. Though the Vikings didn’t offer the most money (that was reportedly the Cleveland Browns), they were considered the favorite at one point, and were presumed to be in the top two as the process narrowed down.

Carter played this last season in the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes, and finished the season with All-Star honors, and ranked third in receiving yards with 1039 and second in receiving touchdowns with seven. Carter’s 75 receptions were also third in the CFL.

For half the season, he played with first-time starter at quarterback Jonathan Crompton. Under Crompton the Alouettes were 7-2, while under the previous quarterback compinations (Alex Brink and Ohio State’s legendary Troy Smith), they were 1-7.

Scouting report coming soon.

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Vikings. Zombies. What else is there really?

Adam Carlson (co-editor of The Viking Age & co-host of the Purple People Podcast) joined the show to talk Vikings Football and The Walking Dead as Adam is also editor of the popular Walking Dead fansite Undead Walking.

The Vikings-Zombies connection is appropriate given that there is NO fanbase out there that dies a little inside every Sunday, but comes right back the next week like fans of the Men of the North…

We talk about the important stuff: How was Year One of Zim & Teddy? What’s Adrian’s future? What will 2015 hold for the Vikings? Why should people slow their roll on Duron Carter? Which Walking Dead character is most like Mike Zimmer? (Hint: Not Shane)

We discuss all that and more on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

Full episode after the jump.

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