Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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This week, we bid adeiu to Uncle Norv. I try to decipher what the offense will look like going forward, and examine the Vikings fanbase’s rich history of dissatisfaction with offensive coordinators. Plus, the real reason the defense has regressed the last two games, and one final voyage for the o’l NORV shirt.

All this, and my (terrible) touchdown pick and score prediction. It’s Bump & Run, Week 9; we’re not going away, so you might as well get used to it.

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Norv Turner Resigns as Vikings Offensive Coordinator
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Minnesota Vikings fans woke to surprising — and for some, welcome — news this morning, as Norv Turner has resigned as the team’s offensive coordinator. The development comes on the heels of Minnesota’s second-straight loss, a game in which the offense totaled just 258 yards and converted just 2-of-13 third downs.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news, describing Turner’s decision as a “stunner.” In his third year as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator, Turner’s failed to produce a system worthy of an NFL field. His current offense ranks 31st in total yards, last in total first downs, 28th in passing yards, and 31st in rushing yards.

Following Turner’s resignation, the team announced Pat Shurmur will serve as interim offensive coordinator, effective immediately.

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Minnesota Vikings

Hate is a strong word, but Vikings fans probably felt that (and more) about their team’s effort Monday Night, and the past two games for that matter. Mike Zimmer has a tall task ahead of him trying to get a lethargic 0-2 team since the bye back onto the 5-0 track they were on earlier in the season. We crack open a 10-pack of gripes, complaints, critiques, and randomness to try and aid the cause on today’s show.

Larisa Oleynik FTW Talking Points Include:
• Ultimately, This is on Mike Zimmer
• No Moves at the Trade Deadline
• Throw the Damn Towel on TJ Clemmings
• Go Gong Show on the Offensive Line
• The Vikings are Re-Signing Matt Kalil Next Year
• Why Isn’t Treadwell Playing?
• Sam Bradford is Starting to Get Chris Everett
• Jayron Kearse Needs to be Off the Field
• The Vikings NEED Home Field for the Playoffs

All that and more “Zimmer Had a “Minor Medical Procedure” to Remove His Foot From Team’s Ass” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint


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Vikings Griffen
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Yes. I’m well aware that the Bears deserve any game balls awarded. I’m well aware that few Vikings players did well on Monday Night. Still, here at Vikings Territory, we take tradition very seriously (we told Austin he couldn’t wear his color rush uniform to work), and our tradition is to try and award this thing every… single… week.

This week is one of the toughest in recent memory, I struggled to even make nominations, so I’ve allowed for a slight variation from the norm in the poll below. “None” is actually an option this week.

Here are the winners so far in 2016:

WEEK ONE: Eric Kendricks

WEEK TWO: Sam Bradford

WEEK THREE: Everson Griffen

WEEK FOUR: Xavier Rhodes

WEEK FIVE: Adam Thielen

WEEK SEVEN: Cordarrelle Patterson

You all have yet to award this to the same player twice in the first six games, so let’s get to the nominations to see if that finally changes.

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Matt Engstrom Vikings Illustrations Bears Eating Hope
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Your Norv Turner Criticism Is Legitimate And He’s Earned It.

Somewhere in Winter Park an alarm clock has been going off at weekly intervals, but the Vikings organization continues to hit the “snooze” button.

After last night’s debacle against the Chicago Bears, however, it is time for somebody to wake up.

With Vikings Territory’s unexpected popularity boom over the last few years (due 100% to me surrounding myself with far superior talents) comes a greater sense of responsibility when writing things like this, and calling for another man to be fired is not something I engage in willy-nilly. There are ramifications – team ramifications, family ramifications, long and short term ramifications all around.

Norv Turner is a respected man in the NFL, a well-respected coach whose list of accomplishments would make most others pale in comparison.

If things that were once effective always remained effective, however, I’d have my DVR set to record the newest episode of Friends tonight and would be searching TicketMaster for Nickelback tickets during the commercials.

In the case of Norv Turner, I’ve now arrived at a tipping point and am fully convinced that this offense has been reduced to little more than a greatest hits album, and an antiquated approach that makes for better history segments than live football.

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