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2015 Scouting Report Landon Collins
[Editor’s note: This is another installment in a series we will be running at Vikings Territory providing scouting reports for players the Vikings could potentially target in the 2015 Draft. All scouting reports are provided in partnership with Luke Inman and You can find all of our previous scouting reports here. Continue reading below to learn more about Landon Collins, the consensus number one safety in the 2015 NFL Draft]

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The middle of the Minnesota Vikings’ defense is wide open.

Late Thursday night, ESPN reported that the Cowboys had come to terms with former Vikings linebacker Jasper Brinkley on a two-year deal.

Brinkley, who started 11 of 14 games for the Vikings in 2014, finished the season with 75 tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble. He signed a $830,000, one-year deal with Minnesota after spending 2013 with the Cardinals.

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For Shaun Hill being the only new addition to this roster, the Vikings reports are flying around and getting shot down faster than the ducks on the original shooting game for Nintendo. It is quite frustrating, not because the team is staying patient, but because these reports and rumors keep getting our hopes up.

The Adrian Peterson situation, obviously, doesn’t help matters.

Anyways, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge five available free agents that I think (separate from Arif’s fine listings) are the best available for Vikings fans to dream about. If anything else, it might provide with a nice break from all the contradictions floating about right now.

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UPDATE: And here we go—

I’ve said before that I’m not the biggest fan of Omar Kelly, but neither do I think he’s a liar. I’ll also stand by what I’ve heard. I think the truth is still that the Vikings entertained an offer, but anything would have to be high before they part ways with him. It sounds like any offer they heard was not high enough, so they don’t plan on trading him.

Which is to say, like any team, the Vikings want to know what their assets are worth. In this case, that doesn’t mean they shopped him or tried to get rid of him, but simply heard what someone else was willing to provide.


According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is being shopped around actively by the Vikings for a trade:

Later, Pete Bercich—former Minnesota Vikings linebacker and color commentator on the Vikings Radio Network—followed it up with this:

Hearing back from a set of sources on this, I’ve heard conflicting stories. One told me that the Vikings were actively seeking to move him, but would not do so at a low price. That source tells me the Vikings are frustrated with his development as a receiver and want to explore the value he has an asset instead of as a receiver.

The other told me that the Vikings, like Bercich said, are only sending out “feelers” and attempting to gauge his value. They may be willing to move him, but aren’t working the phones to do it. That second take accords with what Ben Goessling of ESPN said:

The language I’m hearing from people on this one is not as strong as the Peterson report we published earlier suggests. My feeling on this is that Goessling and Bercich are closer to the truth: the Vikings are looking to see what a trade could fetch, but at the moment aren’t moving hard on it.

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UPDATE (2:52 CST): Tomasson posted that a source close to Peterson clarified that there is no meeting scheduled with team officials, despite a claim earlier in the day by Peterson’s father.

According to Chris Tomasson, running back Adrian Peterson is planning another meeting with team officials by the end of this week. The report came from Peterson’s father, who said “nothing was resolved” through Monday’s discussion with the Wilfs and general manager Rick Spielman in New York.

On the other hand, it may not be happening. Per Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN, there’s no meeting:

Nelson Peterson has been rather vocal over the past several weeks about his son’s relationship with the Vikings and process moving forward. He said the following to the Pioneer Press:

“They will meet again. I’m not going to say who’s going to be at the meeting. I can’t comment on that.”

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