Monday, February 20, 2017

Question Of The Week

Blair Walsh is the Vikings' kicker

The desire of football fans rarely matches the actions of their favorite football teams. Take the Minnesota Vikings, who just this week tried out...
Bumps in the Road

A drive down any street is sure to include a few potholes, but lately, the ride that is Minnesota Vikings football has been unbearably...
searching for sacks

Three years in, and Mike Zimmer's finally at the head of the NFL's most dominant defense. It took some time and a few bumps...
Sam Bradford's first interception

I'm routinely dumbfounded by the current success of Sam Bradford. Here's a quarterback who arrived in Minnesota weeks before the start of the regular...
These Vikings Aren't a Fluke

The life of a Minnesota Vikings fan is one of pessimism and heartbreak. We've seen this franchise reach the highest of highs, only to...

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