Sunday, February 19, 2017

Question Of The Week

Randy Moss is the Greatest of All Time

There will be no debate and no argument on the subject of Randy Moss. To the team at Vikings Territory, he was and remains the...
Super Bowl Curse

Long before ESPN predicted a Minnesota Vikings-Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl next season, a rogue Youtube user uploaded a unique, ranting revelation — the Colts would defeat...
the future of the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer still can't see out of his right eye, but an offseason surgery should fix his ailing vision. Despite...
Falcons Offer Vikings a Lesson

Imagine the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons are classmates in school (the NFL); both receive high grades, score well on tests, and excel in...
Stefon Diggs a #1 receiver

Regardless of how things play out over the next few weeks, an extremely turbulent 2016 season has left the Minnesota Vikings roster scarred and...

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