At 8-2, there’s no suitable action other than to throw a party, so we channel Mr. Wordwide and do just that. In this episode of Bump & Run, I focus on appreciating what we have, no matter how it’ll end, and rejoicing in the Vikings being among the NFL’s elite.


  • Updated Jared Goff audibles following Sunday’s domination of the Rams.
  • Zimmer is older and wiser than these young hotshots.
  • Doug Pederson is in fact not an NFL head coach, he is the IT guy in your office, sorry for the confusion.
  • Why you can’t trust Carson Wentz.
  • The reason the Vikings lost to the Lions in their first meeting, and why it won’t happen again.
  • Bacardi is awful, but we’ll try anyway, in honor of Pitbull.
  • Special thanks to our corporate sponsors.
  • And more!

It’s Bump & Run, baby!

Click the video above or watch on YouTube here.

As always, I love you, and very much appreciate your views. Go Vikes.



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