We’re back in the garage studio to rejoice in defeating the demons of Soldier Field and clear up the Vikings’ quarterback situation. Amid the injury uncertainty of Bradford and Bridgewater, and unlikely long-term starting candidate has emerged, and I explain why Case Keenum might actually have been the guy all along.

Plus, I take it a step further, searching for historical precedent and settling on a quarterback comparison that indicates Keenum is probably going to end up in the Hall of Fame.

We also take a quick look back at the shining moment of Trae Waynes’ career and play Pitbull and Blues Brothers clips.

Click the link above or watch on YouTube here.  As always, thanks for watching.

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  1. Maybe but I would like to see more than one game in a row that case plays at a high level b4 I jump to conclusions at the very least he is a good backup though


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