Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings Headquarters with Shawn Zobel (ep. 413)

To help breakdown WHY the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings got off to a fast start on the 2017 campaign, we brought in Shawn Zobel (@ZobelSports) of 1500 ESPN’s Football Headquarters Podcast. Shawn and I talked about if Sam Bradford’s Week 1 play was legit or just a mirage, why Dalvin Cook is the real deal, how the offensive line improved from recent campaigns, what’s possibly keeping Laquon Treadwell from being a contributor, Adrian Peterson being washed, and why the Zimmer Hellfire Defense is Super Bowl caliber.

All that and more “Tebow or Bradford?” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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  1. I hope this is a one time thing with this kid. If I want garbage coach-speak jargon and nonsensical hindsight takes I’ll watch the NFL network. Stopped and deleted halfway through (I reached the limit of times I’m willing to hear “elite” in a single sports podcast about 10 minutes in.)


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