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The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 3 p.m. CST.

The Minnesota Vikings lost their starting running back for the season. On top of that, they lost their starting quarterback for six games, and counting. Yet, they’ve won three games in a row and sit atop the NFC North at 5-2. With the trade deadline just around the corner, will the Vikings make a move to try and better position themselves for a deep run in the playoffs?

Lets take a look at some players the Vikings could trade, some players the Vikings could acquire, and the likelihood of the move occurring, including a few trades that have been proposed by other writers.

Vikings trade:

QB Teddy Bridgewater

Potential trade partners: Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins

Potential compensation: Conditional mid-round pick

Likelihood: Not likely

Analysis: In this “just-for-fun” scenario written by Adam Shefter of ESPN, the Vikings trade Bridgewater to the Cardinals for a conditional mid-round pick. Shefter wrote: “With Carson Palmer most likely done for 2017 and entering his age-38 season, the Cardinals get a good look at Bridgewater and decide if they want to take a shot at him beyond this season. Case Keenum has been solid enough in a backup role for the Vikings that it’s not an easy call to turn the ball over to Teddy — who is currently not on the Vikings’ books for 2018 — amid a playoff run.”

While this trade is not likely, it could be possible if the Cardinals were willing to give up much more than just a conditional mid-round pick. It’s also entirely possible the Miami Dolphins, Teddy’s hometown team, call to inquire about Bridgewater. Everything I’ve seen indicates the Vikings love Teddy, and he’ll likely be given every chance to regain his franchise quarterback role as long as he’s healthy.

WR Laquon Treadwell

Potential trade partners: New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Chicago Bears

Potential compensation: Conditional mid-round pick

Likelihood: Highly unlikely

Analysis: Treadwell has 11 catches for 121 yards with zero touchdowns this season. The receiver has been mentioned in several trade discussions lately, but it’s highly unlikely the Vikings would even consider trading Treadwell unless they acquire another receiver like Larry Fitzgerald and need to dump surplus talent.

I don’t see the 22 year-old going anywhere, especially since he’s in the second year of a possible five-year, team-friendly contract. The 2016 first-round draft pick has been slow to make an impact, but he’s shown flashes of potential lately.

LB Anthony Barr

Potential trade partners: New Orleans Saints

Potential compensation: Two first-round picks or Drew Brees

Likelihood: Highly unlikely

Analysis: I added this proposed trade mainly for laughs. There’s no way the Vikings would part ways with Barr in the middle of a potential Super Bowl season. BUT, John Sigler with Canal Street Chronicles wrote that Barr could be traded under the right circumstances.

“Barr might be available at the right price. If Barr is on the Vikings’ roster next March, his fifth-year option triggers and he will receive a fully-guaranteed $12.3-million to play in 2018. The Vikings run two-deep at every defensive position and can still win games this year without him.”

“None of the guys they expect to play quarterback (Sam BradfordTeddy Bridgewater, or Case Keenum) have contracts running through next year, so they’ll need to pay someone to throw the football. They’re the rare team where Barr is actually something of a luxury.”

Luxury or not, the likelihood of Barr playing anywhere else at this point in his career is slim to none.

WR Jarius Wright

Potential trade partners: New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, Chicago Bears

Potential compensation: Conditional late-round pick

Likelihood: Not likely 

Analysis: It’s starting to look like Wright will never be traded. Based off his performance on and off the field, that’s a good thing for the Vikings. In this writer’s opinion, Wright adds more value to the team than most fans realize because he is versatile, consistent, and has a team-first attitude.

If he’s going to be moved, it’ll likely happen next season when the dead money is his contract goes from $4.28 million to $1.12 million.

WR Michael Floyd

Potential trade partners: New York Jets, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears

Potential compensation: Conditional mid-to-late-round pick

Likelihood: Somewhat likely

Analysis: VT’s Sam Neumann deserves credit for thinking of this potential deal, and to me it merits further discussion. Trading Floyd is much more likely than jettisoning Wright. Floyd is only under contract for the remainder of this season and has zero dead money is his contract, while Wright has three years left on his deal with $4.28 million in dead money if he’s traded or released.

The Vikings are deep at wide receiver. Treadwell and Wright have stepped up in Floyd’s absence. Treadwell looks to be catching on and needs more playing time to develop. Plus, the team has rookies Stacy Coley and Rodney Adams on the active roster, as well as second-year wideout Cayleb Jones on the practice squad.

Due to teams like the Giants, Jets, and Bears being paper-thin at wideout, Floyd has trade value. Floyd would have to be healthy, of course, for a trade to work.

Vikings acquire:

WR Larry Fitzgerald

Potential trade partner: Arizona Cardinals

Potential cost: 2018 fourth-round pick and 2019 fifth-round pick

Likelihood: Not likely

Analysis: In this article that explores one potential move for each NFC team, Jeremy Bergman wrote the following about the Arizona Cardinals: “With backup Drew Stanton under center in place of Carson Palmer (out with a broken arm) and the Rams (5-2) and Seahawks (4-2) out of reach in the NFC West, it’s time to rebuild and sell the franchise player. Maybe even to his hometown Minnesota Vikings, who already have two great receivers but could use a third to steal the NFC crown.”

I’m not sure if Bergman knows the Vikings have former Cardinal Michael Floyd, but I like his thinking. Adding Fitzgerald to the Vikings receiving corps has been a dream of mine — and many Vikings fans — for years. Just think about it; Diggs, Thielen, Fitzgerald, Treadwell, Wright… yes please (I would cut/trade Floyd).

An athletic TE (Jimmy Graham, Cameron Brate, Julius Thomas)

Potential trade partners: Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars

Potential cost: Conditional mid-round draft pick(s)

Likelihood: Not likely

Analysis: VT‘s Adam Warwas really wants the Vikings to add an athletic tight end, and who can blame him? Starter Kyle Rudolph has been pretty dang good lately, but the passing game could always use another big-framed receiver that can break tackles and take advantage of smaller defenders.

The Vikings, who lost out on the Jared Cook sweepstakes this offseason and later cut Bucky Hodges, would benefit from another downfield threat at tight end. For the season, Rudolph has 26 catches for 244 yards and two touchdowns.

RB Carlos Hyde

Potential trade partner: San Francisco 49ers

Potential cost: Conditional 5th or 6th-round pick

Likelihood: Not likely

Analysis: Daily Norseman’s Christopher Gates suggested a Vikings trade for San Francisco’s Carlos Hyde.

Gates wrote: “After skidding to an 0-7 start to their 2017 season, the San Francisco 49ers might be looking to move running back Carlos Hyde. Now, the Niners have denied that they have any interest in moving the 26-year old Hyde, but he is in the final year of his contract, and his contract would be very reasonable for the rest of the season if the Vikings were to take him on.”

Adding a third running back after losing Dalvin Cook for the season makes sense. However, it’s tough to envision the Vikings using any draft picks in a trade since they are already down a 4th-round pick (Sam Bradford trade) and 7th-round pick (Tramaine Brock trade).

Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray have done a fine job thus far in replacing Cook, and fullback C.J. Ham is always an option in case of an emergency. If the Vikings truly feel the need to address the running back position, they could also target Cincinnati Bengals backs Giovani Bernard and/or Jeremy Hill.

QB Kirk Cousins

Potential trade partner: Washington Redskins

Potential cost: 2018 1st-round pick, 2019 2nd-round pick

Likelihood: Highly unlikely

Analysis: Mike Sando of ESPN lists the Vikings as a possible destination for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins next offseason. I’m including the trade here because you never know in the NFL. Here’s what Sando had to say about the possible marriage:

With Sam Bradford’s health a major concern and Teddy Bridgewater’s career in question, the Vikings have become a version of the Bradford-era St. Louis Rams: a team that might contend if only its quarterback could play. The Vikings have zero dollars committed to quarterbacks beyond this season, and they have a history under general manager Rick Spielman of adding veteran quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Bradford.”

A mid-season trade for a starting quarterback whose team is in the hunt is extremely unlikely, but “You like that!?” could be a quarterback to consider after the season, when Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater (probably), Case Keenum and Cousins are ALL free agents.

The same article that suggested Arizona should sell Larry Fitzgerald had this suggestion for the Vikings, which happens to be the most likely scenario I see happening:

Proposal: Vikings don’t do a thing

Potential compensation: A Lombardi trophy

Likelihood: Very likely

Analysis: Marc Sessler of wrote: “Every team comes packed with strengths and weaknesses. The Vikings, though, are leaning on a formula that feels destined to take them deep into the NFC playoffs: They have a Super Bowl-worthy defense and just enough from an offense missing rookie running back Dalvin Cook.”

Sessler continued, “It makes no sense to jettison one of the quarterbacks — not this year, and not considering the durability questions — and Minnesota has gotten by in the backfield with Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon. In this exercise, this is one team that should sit tight and not fiddle with the roster’s chemistry.”

What moves would you like to see the Vikings make? Comment below.


  1. I would have to agree with Sessler. No position on this team really needs to be addressed, maybe a second corner, even though I really like Trae Waynes, or some offensive line depth, which would never hurt. If the Vikes do make a move it would be sending someone a late round pick for some depth, there’s nobody who would be a considerable upgrade worth getting.

    • Agreed alldayvikings84. We could target depth at running back but it’s not necessarily a need. Fullback CJ Ham can play RB and Bronson Hill is on the practice squad. Maybe tight end? As long as this team is healthy there are no glaring holes on the roster


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