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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had some venting to do last night on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show on TBS.

During his appearance on “Conan” Thursday night, Rodgers told the wild-haired host that he had thirteen screws inserted in his collarbone to repair the break that was caused by a hit from Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. He also provided some insight into his verbal altercation with Barr as he left the field.

“I rolled out to my right I threw the ball and I got tackled and kind of slammed on the ground. I looked over at him as I walked off the field. Cameras caught me saying something to him, but what they missed was him [motioning] finger… suck it sign.”

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, “Multiple sources told ESPN that Barr grabbed his crotch after the hit. On the day after the hit, an NFL source said the league was not aware of any gestures and was not looking into what Barr did after the play.”

“There’s no respect anymore in this business,” Rodgers said. “But I’m good. Thirteen screws later and here I am.”

Demovsky later wrote in the same article that Rodgers admitted to ESPN Wisconsin’s Jason Wilde that he may have exaggerated the number of screws inserted in his collarbone. Wilde, who reached Rodgers via text message, wrote the Packers star replied:

“It’s TV. Sometimes you exaggerate. And then sometimes, you tell the truth.”

Here’s video of O’Brien’s interview with Rodgers:

Up to this point Barr has not responded to the allegations made by Rodgers.

Rodgers is not eligible to return to game action until December 17th at the Carolina Panthers. Quarterback Brett Hundley replaced Rodgers as the Packers starter.

Green Bay is 0-1 thus far with Hundley at the helm. The third-year QB went 12 of 25 (48% completion rate) for 87 yards and an interception last Sunday against the Saints. He did add three rushes for 44 yards and a touchdown on the ground.


  1. Just like in real life, there is a difference between legal and ethical/morally right although there should not be.
    The corruption of our government and judicial system is basically that they make legal amoral and unethical acts legal.
    I see Barr’s hit in this light.

    • Kinda like how Burfict’s kicking of a player was unethical yet he wasn’t suspended, and Barr’s hit was deemed legal by officials and the league but it’s now being viewed, as you put it, as an “immoral” hit? Is that what you mean Douglas?

    • The “corruption of our government and judicial system” is more the delusional thoughts of substandard people than it is reality. For the most part, those people use it as an excuse to rationalize away their own failure as human beings. As such, they do not matter, which is as the world should be.

      • Let’s keep this about football please gentlemen. No need to discuss politics here, that’s a whole different beast

  2. Well that’s not very nice. However, Rodgers’ smug attitude and shots at the Vikings (grape crush) over the years have lead to things like this. While I don’t care for the thugness of Barr’s actions… I have to laugh. Because you reap what you sow.
    I sure hope he can make it back for week 16! That’s gonna be good.

    • I love what some people deem to be Rodgers’ smugness. He is an elite player in a league filled with great athletes. He knows what he is, and feels no compulsion to downplay it just to sate the fragile egos of some people.

      The real problem is all the substandard people who feel entitled to believe that everyone is equal. That is a real problem, because those substandard people use it as an excuse to never improve, content to remain a net detriment to human civilization.

      Instead of complaining about Rodgers, you should spend some time on some much needed personal introspection. Competent people like me are not amused by carrying the dead weight of people like you.

    • Wouldn’t that be an interesting storyline if he makes it back by then? Saturday night game at Lambeau on NBC…

  3. I’ve looked at that tackle and it still looks perfectly legal to me, unlike the Sendejo hit on Mike Wallace. If Barr did give Rogers a crotch grab and I were one of the coaches, I’d admonish him for it, tell him it wasn’t professional and tell him to grow up. Then I’d move on, end of story.

    • I still think the Sendejo hit was legal, but we’ve discussed that. I agree with everything else you said cka2nd. There’s no need for taunting in football, especially after an injury. Could have resulted in a GB first down if the refs caught it.


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