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During last week’s NFL regular season schedule release, it was revealed that the Minnesota Vikings will have the luxury of playing two Thursday games in the 2016. The first Thursday game will take place on Thanksgiving day against the Detroit Lions and the second will occur the very next week on December 1st, against the Dallas Cowboys.

In four Thursday games last season, the NFL required the participating teams to wear a “Color Rush” uniform. The uniforms were met with plenty of mixed reviews, including the reaction from people who are color blind and struggled to view some of the obnoxiously bold uniform combinations featured in the games.

For this season, every team will be wearing a Color Rush uniform during their scheduled 2016 Thursday game. Since the Vikings will be playing in two Thursday games, does that mean that they will be wearing two different Color Rush uniforms?

Recently, a Twitter account posted a picture of what looks like the main color for which each team’s Color Rush uniform will consist of. For Minnesota, the picture shows the color yellow.

Yellow would certainly be an interesting choice for the Vikings, who have never worn an all-yellow uniform in the history of their franchise. A majority of the team’s fanbase and local media figured that the team’s Color Rush uniform would feature mostly purple, rather than yellow.

However, since Minnesota does indeed play in two Thursday games, they could be one of the “lucky” teams in 2016 that get to wear two different Color Rush uniforms. Perhaps the game in Detroit will have the Vikings wearing an all-white or all-purple uniform and then maybe an all-yellow uniform when Minnesota hosts the Cowboys in the following week.

If the previously mentioned photo does in fact turn out to be valid, the Vikings Color Rush uniform could resemble something like the uniform included in the tweet below.