Michael Vick Visiting Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are expected to host quarterback Michael Vick to a visit at Winter Park on Thursday according to football writer, and friend of the site, Ryan Boser.

Our full disclosure is that we do not have any confirmation at this time, other than the fact that Boser sounds extremely confident and we know him to be someone that wouldn’t mess around with this sort of thing. Also, the move makes a certain amount of sense, even if it is likely to draw plenty of criticism from the masses.

Adding to the speculation is the observation that Vick’s most recent addition to his “follow list” on Twitter is none other than former Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter. Carter, coincidentally or perhaps not, recently took to Twitter to wonder aloud about what a Vick-led Vikings team might look like.

Carter, of course, was around when the 1998 Vikings turned to free agent quarterback that sported the number “7” on his jersey and led the Vikings to perhaps the most memorable season in franchise history.

So, basically, if you add this evidence all up… the Illuminati are up to their old tricks. Or something.

Vick is currently 36 years old, the same age as Shaun Hill, and has plenty of starting experience in the NFL. The problems, of course, start with his reputation and don’t get a whole lot better when you assess his level of play since his 2010 season in 2010. It isn’t pretty.

The upside would be that he’s almost certainly an upgrade to Minnesota’s current depth chart and would come to the team without costing them any draft picks as compensation. That isn’t too terrible of a deal considering the season opener is in 11 days and Teddy Bridgewater was just put on injured reserve.

Naturally, we will be keeping a close eye on this whole situation as it develops in a more official manner.